Mom Dies of Kidney Failure 2009-10...Re-Post #1

When I got so depressed that I left TuD and everything, this blog series disappeared. I believe it might still be helpful and supportive of our community values. TuD was with me every step of the way. I could post at 3AM, 3000 miles away from home and find comfort. She died peacefully on 3/20/10. I will repost the diary of her death for a few days....

Unexpected Sadnesses of the Holiday Season

An old dancing friend recently posted on FB an update on stroke signs because the importance of early recognition is so vital. I was suddenly transported back to December 12th 2009. On the phone long distance with my Mom---discussing All Things Holiday as we always did---when suddenly her words were unrecognizable.

I got it within a few seconds. But I am still amazed that I had the presence of mind to talk to her calmly about sitting down at the kitchen table near where she was standing and suggesting this that and whatever while I grabbed my cell phone for the other ear---which you should know mostly lives in a drawer and that I often forget I even own. And because my sister and I had talked about various scenarios, I actually had the Emergency phone # of the Minnetonka Police/Fire folks (3000 miles away) in my little travel contact/address book.

They got there. They got her to the hospital----a really Great hospital. And this was the beginning of life-changing events. As the most available, I prepared to move into her home for the end process as caregiver. While I got ready to go, other family members rotated through the weeks from as close as the next suburb to as far away as California to keep her safe. And we did it eventually. All together. She died in her own home. At peace.

The holiday season is so complex emotionally, isn’t it?....Blessings on us all...

This picture is of me and my big brother and my little sister. With a lot of hard work, we helped her die in her own home, peacefully...

Thank you for sharing your story.

Judith re-posting this series is important to our community and it will help all us to once again marvel about the humanity of the experience. Thank you for having the courage to do it. I read it the first time and was deeply touched. Thank you for letting others be touched once again. I will look forward to each post.


Bless you, Rick my friend. I will try to pace them out to end the day or so after she died....xx000