Judith's mom

Some of you may know this, but in case you didn’t the mother of our dedicated DHF Ambassador and supporter Judith passed away last May 21. We sent flowers to the service on behalf of the community.

She send this message to share with the community:
“The service today was infinitely enhanced by the exquisite arrangement from TuD. I saw it first as we arrived at the beautiful little Ft. Snelling chapel and wept the first of many weepings to feel the connection. At the post-service open house, the arrangement had pride of place on the buffet table, a place full of sustenance, spiritual and physical, from neighbors and loving friends…

David took pictures of the arrangement and the chapel setting, but we may not be able to post them for a while. If this were a test of TuD’s new personnel on such details of supporting individual members, I would give it an A+…Blessings on you all…”

Thanks Manny …yes Judith , the dedicated DHF Ambassador and Supporter !! … I hope she is well .

Thank You Manny, Judith is a very remarkable woman.

So thoughtful of you to send flowers. Thank you!

Thank You Manny and Andreina for being so Nice.

I’m so glad the flowers were sent. Judith was one of my first friends when I joined TuDiabetes two years ago. She is a true friend.

You are so right about that, and I’m glad your mom got to experience that blessing. I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you’re ready to share them. Wishing you peace and love and the comfort of beautiful memories. – Tina (aka Sweetpotater)