Mom of Type 1 12 year old daughter

Hi everyone! I am Tonya and new to the forum. My daughter was diagnosed at 12 with Type 1 March 15, 2018. Things have gone fairly well since diagnosis. She currently has an Omnipod and Dexcom G6. We also have a 17 year old daughter that is not diabetic, but definitely has had her fair share of medical problems. She is a cancer survivor. At age 2 diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer. However, we always look on the bright side. We are blessed and have 2 beautiful girls and are overall healthy. Ella is our diabetes warrior and is currently learning to play ukulele. Thought she was going to be our soccer star, but decided this season she wasn’t interested any longer. My cancer warrior named Saige has had a passion for competitive cheer. She is now in her senior year of high school and hung up the cheer shoes. She enjoys friends, friends, and more friends. Looking forward to connecting with other families.