My daughter

I’m a 30 yr old stay at home mom of three beautiful girls Amilee is 1,Aislynn 7 and Jalen will be 13 next week. Jalen was diagnosed with type 1 when she was 5 and has been pumping for 6 years now. Jalen is a high honor roll student, incredible athlete, she plays soccer year round in addition to volleyball and runs track. She has a beautiful voice and just recently won first place in the community talent show, to benefit rely for life. She does not let diabetes prevent her from doing anything. Battling my own medical condition (MS) she is my constant reminder of hard work and determination. Of course she has her bad days, moments of self consciousness (who doesn’t),but she does not let diabetes define who she is or what she can do.Jalen amazes me everyday, I am so proud of her.

Wow what a great Kid!!! Sounds like you should be proud! Does your daughter come here? My Daughter is 14 and dx Nov. 08 - she is a member, there are lots of younger people . I feel its a great source of support. Especially when there might not be too many Diabetic kids around. If you ever need anything let me know!

I hope Jalen will join, too. She sounds like a wonderful kid. Our community is considered “PG 13”, so it would be fine. Check out Our Values if you have any concerns. We have some great kids here, like C’s daughter, Sloane. I’m so sorry you have MS, I have a friend who’s battling with it too.