Mom's Day

To all you GREAT MOMS out there I made u this picture!
For a nice smile and a laugh,
Feel free to send it to all the moms you know
7440-HappyMothersDay.jpg (86.6 KB)

Just right click on the above attachment to save to your hard drive , save target as, Save to your hard drive and then sent it to all your "saggy" friends.. (and the not so saggy ones too!)

MEN look worse and they don’t even give birth ! Are you calling us “female dogs ?”


You calling me silly ?

Happy Mother’s Day to the special women here! The moms who are PWD & the moms of children who are PWD–hugs & much applause. Hardest job in the world being a mother & you all are extraordinary above & beyond what any mother does.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

I can think of worse things to be called:)

hahaha yes u silly girl

Here is another that you can “save as” and send to someone special…

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Ok Silly Josephine… I will make you a card addressing that issue… hope u can stay up long enough to see it, will take 5-10 minutes

I am dreading the teenage years, at the moment I’m getting the stuck to their mammy like glue phase and the I love you mammy every 20mins, they are adorable, well apart from when I need to tidy their bedrooms every 2 hours.

Too bad teenagers can’t be put on an island & then picked up when they’ve gotten past that awful stage. I was horrible to my mother as a teenager. I cringe & hang my head in shame knowing how obnoxious & hateful I was. I’m still apologizing to my wonderful mother for what I put her through! Mothers & daughters–seems to be harder than having sons.

Yes, I suppose he has called me lot worse, I’m getting off lightly tonight. Yep Craig I’m still up, hell its Saturday night I can stay up late. I am just enjoying my cuppa here sitting by a lovely fire, the only drawback is that Patrick is watching football, yawn !

Here is another funny one!

Hope you like these!

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Craig shouldn’t that be a hot tub with either you, Scott or Jonathan in it

Scott? oh yeah! He's the one in the innertube! HAHAHAHHA

yikes, Scott is an Admin. guy, lol hope he don’t get mad!

NO WAY LOL, Geez I thought he looked kinda cute and he’s so fit too !!!

Okay okay…whats all this going on here??? always something with you guys!

I wish all of you Mom’s a very Happy Mothers Day!! Even you Josephine, 2 months later here in the states…but , you are our American Mom too!