MonaVie for Type 1 Diabetics

Has anyone had any experience with a food product called MonaVie. Colleague's wife is selling it and wants me to try. Apparently it is an Acai Berry product?


I’ve never tried it, but there’s always been some juice or supplement, or shake being spouted off as the next best diet thing… I had a ‘friend’ of a friend join my FB once, and all he did was spam me about MonaVie DAILY. Seriously, it’s juice. That’s all it is… A lot of juice, blended together… They have a lot of pressure to sell, cus they are sold ‘the dream’ of never actually having to work again… This guy was supposedly gonna quit his engineering job so he could sell MonaVie… :confused:

Thanks for the update. Will let you know what I find out.

Agreed. It’s juice. The Acai berry is a very healthy berry sure, but most of these juices are a mixture of a bunch of berries (all very good for you) but most don’t tell you what percentage is actually Acai. See if you can find out. It’s touted as being a cure all for everything. Sound familiar? I don’t think you can go wrong by consuming but it’s very expensive. There’s no hard evidence and here’s a website with some information. I’d love to hear from you if you decide to try it. Let us know if you see any real benefits.…

Acai berries are being touted as the latest & greatest superfood. They’re healthy, but whether they are better than other berries is probably the usual marketing hype.

MonaVie is a MLM scheme, so caveat emptor. The way anyone selling this makes money is to get people under them selling & so forth. MonaVie is probably an expensive & overpriced product to cover all the middle-people selling & reselling it.

I’d also check how carbs there are in this brand’s juice. Some are quite high.

I have been contacted by a friend who sells MonaVie. The same friend who tried selling me Goji berry juice years ago. I did a little research on it (not enough to make an ultimate recommendation) and found that there are some claims disputing the company’s marketing points. Nutrition wise, there are some nutritionist that are claiming that eating conventional polyphenol-rich foods like blueberries and raspberries, would be more effective (not to mention more cost efficient). They also claim that the said product tested much lower on vitamin C, phenolics and anti oxidants, than other “regular” fruit juices. Plus the product is expensive due to the fact that they are sold by non-employee distributors who are eligible to receive commissions based on product sales and recruits others to earn commissions as well…“pyramid scheme”.

My mother (a nutritionist) tells me to stick to natural sources of vitamins if possible =) But I keep an open mind and will gladly listen to others testimonies when they try products as such.

You can Google MonaVie scams.

Steve is selling this to make money, just like everyone else.

I have no knowldge of this product, but since it’s juice, I’ll add what our endo tells her clients: Juice is “rocket fuel” for the body and no one, especially not someone with D, should ever consume more than 4 ounces.

oh geez i never thought i see this name again…
Let me put to you simply, I tried the product and signed up to sell it…
i never made any money because i couldn’t convince anybody to buy a bottle for 70 bucks (i think)
I tried to drink it but got to the point where i really just wanted to spit it out, the taste was so bitter sometimes
i stopped drinking and said i’ll try i’ll try again, i ended up with like 12 bottles and threw them all away cuz i couldn’t muster u the courage to try it again.
let’s just say i wasted alot of money’
if you can get past the taste and the amount of money you spend then good luck
it would be easier to consume acai berry pills or drink mixes instead.
sorry i had bad experiment, and try not to get myself in a hole like that anymore

I actually drink MonaVie on a regular basis. As does the rest of my family. No, it’s not a miracle cure. But yes, it’s an amazing product. It has the highest percentage of acai on the market, but of course can only be purchased online or via MonaVie distributors.

For me personally, it gives me more energy, helps keep my weight maintained, and is a quick easy way to get 13 servings of fruit in a day.

Some of my family members: less joint pain, lowered blood pressure, better sleep and sleep patterns, and all sorts of things.

It’s not a scam, but that doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Granted putting 13 servings of fruit in your body cannot hurt. And antioxidants are especially important for long term type 1s (okay, everyone in general, but us especially) because of the complication risk. Lowering inflammation in our body through natural antioxidants is one of the best ways (beyond glucose control) to keep complications at bay or lessened. Just try it. But try it for at least 2 weeks.

I think the taste is acquired for sure. Or some people who readily consume berries and fruit will like it automatically. I never had a problem with the taste and I’ve been drinking it regularly for almost 2 years. You do get a bad bottle every now and then where there is more acai pulp than normal which makes it pretty bitter. The Pulse is the sweetest taste, if you’re going against bitter.

Thanks for your input and for taking the time to write. Ive got a couple of free bottles. Will let you know how I do.


Carbs are lo. Thanks for taking the time to write. Keep ya posted.

Thanks for the idea, keep ya posted.


Good point. Tbank you

Think I can choke it down , Thanks!

Thanks for taking the time to write and share your experience. Will keep you posted.

Network Marketing Product.

Not healthy for diabetics; loaded with sugar.

Not an ideal network marketing product either - comes in big heavy bottles - so distribution costs are expensive.

The Acai Berry ship has pretty much sailed.