Monthly hormonal changes wrecking havoc on A1C! Birth control?

Okay ladies HELP!
My hormones are making my blood sugars absolutely erratic and out of control!! For three weeks out of the month my blood sugars are CRAZY! Specifically between ovulation and my monthly period. Anyone else experience this? My A1C is at its all time highest without me doing anything different I eat low carb and exercise. I'm DESPERATE please help! My dr has recommended a low dose of birth control. Do you think this would help?

Hi, I couldn't see your profile and whether you are on insulin or not?
If on insulin, I have found that it is necessary to adjust doses based on time of the month. For me my lowest insulin requirement is in the second half of the month... who knows....

I would recommend recording what is happening when and maybe considering different basal;bolus rates for different times of the month.

I have the same problem. I think a birth control pill might work as long as it gives you the dose of hormone that helps and doesn't hurt. What I've been wondering is whether my body responds badly to estrogen or progesterine (I suspect progesterine, but I can't tell since both are high after ovulation). My best numbers are during my period. Good luck!

Same problem. It took me several months of rigorous tracking of numbers to figure out when in my cycle things changed. Then experimenting with increased basal rates as well as lower I:C ratios. It is usually a dramatic change in my numbers somewhere between day 14-17 and when I see that I immediately increase my basal rates. During the second two weeks of my cycle I run 20-30% higher basals and 1:8 carb ratio (usually 1:15). I also try to make sure I don't let my exercise slack during those 2 weeks because that definitely helps me with the increased insulin resistance and carb intolerance during that time. I never wanted the option of taking BC so I just kept working until I figured it out what works.

Help me out - why are your meds adjusted to that one week, instead of the other three? Might it be easier to set yourself up so that GG is controlled 3/4 weeks, and make adjustments as needed during that other week? I know it can be more complicated than that, but just a thought.

Before taking that last step, which is quite dramatic (after all, the pill changes your hormone levels quite drastically) i would try again with monitoring BG closely, write everything down and figure out when exactly you need what basal rate. throughout the month i need different basal rates, i usually drop drastically the day my period starts, with quite heave insulin resistance the week before. and i adjust my insulin according to that. it takes a lot of work, and i am not there yet either, but i am sure you can do this!
hgus <3

My BG is affected too, but usually it only goes high the week before my period starts, and the day it does start, it dives really low. I can't imagine the pill would help anything, in fact it could make it worse. I have a special basal setting in my pump for this situation, so I give myself about 15% more insulin during this time, then when I see myself going low 2-3 times in a row, I know it's time to start and I switch back to normal.

Have you been checked for polycystic ovarian syndrome (not sure I have the terminology correct)? It is more common in Type 1's I've heard, and I wonder if that could be affecting it.