Week before period bg goes crazy!

omg, what the hell, man?!?!

i got D at age 36 and didnt have any problems with the week before my period, though i did read about it and thought, wow, glad that doesnt happen to me!

now its happening and i dont even rely now on the "oooh, breasts are sore" type thing. my bg goes CRAZY!!!

ive upped my basal but insulin is like water! some months its the day before, others its a week before, others just a couple of days. what a friggin hassle. what is the scientific reason that it doesnt do the same thing every month. wtf? i am so glad im not getting my a1c done this week, ffs.

I would like to know more about this too!

this is ridiculous. summer has come and so i lowered everything and now its like WHOOOAAA!

It is the Progesterone that is causing insulin resistance in the week before the menstruation:

With pregnancy the Progesterone level will stay at its maximum. Ok, this is not the case I assume. Perhaps there are natural fluctuations in its level?

I found some remarks that Glucose control might also be harder with very low levels of Progesterone. So normal high and too low are possible causes for control issues. Perhaps these levels can be tested?

perhaps if i didnt live in spain they could be! haha!

thanks for the graphic, im going to do some non wiki research on this now. its just so annoying, especially the very abrupt changes, from going normal to HIGH for nothing and then a few days later having way too much basal for the back-to-normal bgs.

i heard menopause is also a big bg adventure-cant wait for that! ;)

It seems to be a very common problem. I have much the same issues you are having ,you think your insulin correctly and eating great and the readings are way higher then they should be ,ok I guess it’s the hormones running the show this week. I had breast cancer last year and went through radiation treatment then was put on an anti cancer drug after that . The drug was to prevent the hormones from going to my breast and help prevent any new cancers. Well that last for 4 months of hell. My numbers were off the charts my a1c was up to 8.3 from 6.3 it was like I was pre period all month. So went off the drug and just back to my one week of crazy or even just a few day know. It is the hormones so if you can chart your cycle and take out all yes even more cards that week you can stay good I have found. It’s a total veggie and proteins on that week then the week of my period I’m crashing like crazy. I hear you sister your not the only one hang in there . I’m a LADA at an onset at age 48 know 51