Monthly Medical Costs and Insurance Options

So, I already signed up for medical coverage with through the Covered California website and selected Blue Shield of California. I put together a spreadsheet to easily determine your monthly medical costs and compare those costs with the different PPO plan options (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) available now. This helps you determine what the best plan is for you!

It is simple. The coverage options are already there. The equations for projecting your monthly/annual costs under each coverage plan are all built in. All you have to do is enter the quantity of various commonly used drugs for each month and you have your costs for the year. Hope it helps somebody.

Note: This is designed for commonly used prescriptions for Type 1, not Type 2. The monthly plan costs are a mimic of what is offered for Blue Shield for a 29 year old. Should you find the monthly costs are different for you, just enter the cost for each respective plan in the "Plan Coverage" section in the "Monthly Cost" row. The copay data already there should be the same.

801-Medical_Cost_Comparison.xls (37 KB)