Mood and Diabetes

Does your mood change with high or low blood sugar?
I know that when we are high, we would not do anything, just drinking water and relaxing. But this will be your body! I wonder about the mood!

My self, am feeling tired and bored, nothing of interest to me! Probably am tired since I been high today, but I wonder if am bored cause of that too??

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i notice when i am low, i get REAL irritable and cranky… watch out lol

When my BG is high, I am usually cranky, I feel dirty, oily, it sux. when I am low, I can also be an a$$…
I don’t know, it may be possible that I am just a cranky a$$.

high I am tired and cranky, low silly and agitated easily by noise

I try not to let high morning fasting bs (over 120) set the tone (frustrated, not in control, agitated, pissed off, etc.) for the rest of my day. However, fasting bs of 140 or more are very upsetting to me.

Will you have the feeling of boredom and don’t wanna do a thing!?

So you will be upset from your self cause you have a high, or you will feel like that cause of being high! :slight_smile:

Ahmad (Al), I took my last Januvia pill on Friday. It takes 60 hrs. for Januvia to leave one’s system. I’m anticipating my bs will creep up, to date: MON 115, TUES 136, WED 130…see bs already jumped higher than 120’s. So without being on any diabetes treatment medications, as recommended by my doc (snort) since I requested to go off Januvia, I’m again trying to conrol my bs by diet and exercise alone. So in answer to your question whether I’ll be upset with myself or whether I think being upset is causing my highs: It seems that my fasting bs are beyond my control so I’m not upset with myself. But, indeed, being upset about anything does contribute to high bs.

True, everyone is different and good for you to manage it through diet and exercise, I wish if my Type 1 could understand that! :wink:

I’m hardly ever bored, I do get tired or lazy. Try taking a nap and if you are still feeling bored, sign up and make time for a new group activity, such as: canoeing, kayaking, tennis lessons, cycling, book club, hiking, etc., or volunteer at the red cross or Sierra Club, etc.

I’m TRYING to manage my diabetes through diet and exercise. I don’t think that’s possible. I asked for but didn’t receive a new med. Same old same old: I’m at risk for severe lows. Yes, Ahmad (Al), we diabetics are like snowflakes, everyone is different. And I consider myself very lucky not to be on a pump…yet?

Thanks for the advise and am doing that :slight_smile:
Will be starting swim lessons in June! I know am late to do that, but I live in a place with no beach! :wink:
Also I play Volleyball twice a week. Plus Video games online through my PC and on the Wii! Am not bored today, but was in the weekend and wondered if it was cause of my high BG!

Thanks for the reply’s Lucile

Regarding swimming lessons: Beware, I heard someplace that diabetics sink like a stone.

I’m thinking that the cause of your high BG was inactivity and not boredom.

SINK like a stone!! No don’t worry am a heavy and tall guy 270 lb and 6"7’. Am sure I will be sinking like a rock or a mountain! lol

But thanks for the advise, I will keep that in my mind and I will tell my trainer that I have diabetes and the life guard and the door guard and the lady with the pink bikini and the guy with the blue eyes! :wink:

A new thread is born “Swimming with diabetes”