Using the sensor in the arm

Does anyone have a photo of the placement of a Dexcom sensor in the upper arm. I’d like to try this but am unsure how high up to put it. Also do you put it in vertically or horizontally? I’m thinking vertically as there is no possible creasing of the skin like in the abdomen to bend the sensor.

Have you found arm placement successful?

I find if I use my arm, I get long peroids of ??? for the duration of the 7 days. I get some accurate #'s, but not as good as when it is in the abdomen. When I do put it in my arm, I put it vertical (up and down) on the back of my arm where there is the most fat…I hope that helps!


Hi there,
I do use it in my arm. It works pretty well, and it actually stays there longer than if I have it on my stomach- I always have problems of the tape coming off there. It does hurt more when you put the needle in since you have to insert it 1 handed and can’t do the pinch method. I do it the long way down my upper arm (underneath, where there is more fat) close to the armpit.

omg the thought of putting it in my arm makes me want to throw up. haha. I can’t imagine putting it there. It hurts so bad just to put a syringe there, let alone that huge Dexcom needle.

have you tried it? Tell me if it hurts!

I tried it but rejected it after a couple of sensors. I think it is important to put the sensor where it doesn’t have pressure on it…for me, anywhere on my arm would get pressed on while I sleep. Also, it is at risk of getting yanked on when you put a shirt on or take it off. After trying several places (various stomach spots, upper butt below belt line, arm) I am happiest with the waistline, on the side, placed horizontally.

Check this out:

Etta, how do you avoid pressure while sleeping when the sensor is at the waistline on the side? Doesn’t the full body weight rest on it? I am asking because I am also not very happy with the arm placement.

Well, it probably works better for girls, since we have hips!

Your waist-hip ratio advantage doesn’t seem to be fair. I wonder whether I can get myself a beer belly to make up for that.

hahah! That probably wouldn’t help with the sensors but could provide attitude adjustment.