More questions re colonoscopy on Tuesday

I am scheduled for a colonoscopy this Tuesday at 7 am. I will not take any oral diabetes meds on Monday, prep day, or Tuesday, day of procedure. Here is my question: Should I confine my intake of liquids to sugar-free on Monday? (I know staying hydrated is very important).
I will be taking two units of Basaglar at 10:30 pm Monday night. I just don’t know if I should drink SOME carbohydrates Monday or not. If I don’t consume any why would the two units of Basaglar at 10:30 pm be necessary?
By the way, I am the same person who has been asking questions about a colonoscopy for a few weeks. Thanks for all the responses so far and I promise not to use the word “colonoscopy” on this forum for at least three years after this one is finished. (I am really so grateful to you all.)

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What do your instructions say? If I remember correctly my doctor had me drink clear liquids until 2 hours before. Each protocol is different. Do you have a number to call Monday morning? They monitored my blood sugar several times. Take care. Nancy50

Basaglar is long acting, what is called basal insulin. Its purpose is to counter act the glucose introduced by your liver through out the day. Even during fasting your liver is returning stored glucose to your system. Basal insulin is not meant to cover the carbs you consume during the day.

If your doctor has recommended that you take the Basaglar I would take it. Personally I would not go out of my way to consume carbs during the prep period but I would monitor BG closely and add carbs if necessary.

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Usually, as in your case, they schedule diabetic procedures as the first in the morning, then provide you with instructions as to your dosing and hydration… it’s never ideal but they’ll give you adequate guidance…


They gave me written instructions but I find they don’t specifically address patients with diabetes except to say not to take your oral diabetes meds on prep day or procedure day. I have asked others and have gotten some conflicting answers. I just received some info on this site that I am going to follow. Thanks for your interest.

Thank you for your response. You have cleared my confusion. I am going to do exactly that – monitor my bg throughout prep day and take some carbs when necessary and take the two units of Basaglar about 10:30 pm on prep night.
Do you have an opinion on what would be a good range to keep my blood glucose in? I am thinking between 130 and 150. Because after midnight I start the second prep, which will take about two hours, and then cannot drink anything else before my procedure at 7 am. Just want you to know I very much appreciate your enlightening me regarding the Basaglar. Thank you so much.

Your plan seems about right, I would rater be a little on the high side going in to the procedure.

Good Luck!!! Post back if can.