More school

My exit from the D closet has been slow but steady. I started by telling a few people when we were discussing getting the flu shot. Then we were talking about the fall and maple syrup. I mentioned that I love real maple syrup but dislike sugar-free stuff and one of the girls in my class asked if I was diabetic. She asked if it was for my whole life and I said no, only a few years. When people know that its a recent thing they want to know all the details about my dx and I gladly shared them. A few people were listening and asking questions (intelligent ones). I was very happy to learn how many people had a good knowledge base and were truely curious about how everyday life is.
In my health policy class, we were discussing technologies and we were looking at a graph about technology costs per disease v. how much effect the technology has. One of the most expensive, but more effective than not, is of course diabetes. I had a few questions about how they measure the effects and I mentioned to him tath I use an expensive insulin pump and I pay more out of pocket and am very aware of the costs but wouldn’t give it up for anything, due to a quality of life improvement. Yes, they do consider quality of life when making graphs like that.
I’m pretty sure my A1C will be up in December. School has been very stressful and I’ve not been as good at eating properly or exercising as I was when I was working.