THANK YOU! We made it to 10,000 views!

Tonight, I got a text message alerting me to some amazing news: we were getting VERY close to 10,000 views of the Diabetes CoStars video (if you still haven't watched it, you don't know what you are missing!)

Why was this a big deal? Because upon reaching 10,000 views, Sanofi (who made the video possible) would be donating $10,000 to Diabetes Hands Foundation.

Well... tonight, we reached the goal! And I want to take a few moments to thank a few people in particular:
-Though, he is very humble about it, I want to thank Rick Phillips, from our Care Team. I know he rallied the community and beyond to help reach this goal!
-I also want to thank two other incredible volunteers for working alongside Rick in getting more views to happen: our dear David (dns) and jrtpup.
-EVERYONE in the community and beyond who watched the video at least once, and told others to do the same. The message of connection and empowerment in the video deserved to be seen and shared widely, so you ALL helped make this possible.
-The incredible Elizabeth Perkins, her hushband Julio, all the Diabetes Co-Stars (among them, Amanda Bauer) for sharing their story and inspiring so many with it.
-Last, but not least, Sanofi: for making this project possible, their commitment to diabetes patients, and their continued support of the mission of Diabetes Hands Foundation.

WOO-HOO! Way to go, everyone! The more we grow, the more people we touch. And this is another big step along the way!



Way to go everyone! Thank you so much all!


Congratulations, TuDiabetes!

Congratulations to everyone involved! This is quite an achievement.

This is so great! Very exciting to hear this news! Can't wait to see all the good that comes from the donation to the DHF!!

This success was possible because of our devoted and dedicated TuDiabetes community! Thank you SO MUCH for helping us reach this goal! Giant thanks and hugs to Rick, Barbara, David, Marie, and all the other community members who pitched in tremendously :)

Woo Hoo !!!


sooo very excited it made it to 10,000 views! we did it!!!! =]

Congrats!! I loved the video!