More than one pump?

I wan just curious if you pumpers out there currently use 1 pump or go back and forth with a couple??

I have been pumping for a couple of weeks with the Omnipod. I love it and all but I think that maybe in a year or so it would be nice to have an alternative pump…

Do you think this is wasteful? To me it just seems like, well… I’ll be living with this forever and there are all of these wonderful resources for my use, why not try them out?

I’m currently using a Minimed pump, but switching back to my old Cozmo (no longer on warranty) to use up my old supplies.

I think in the longer run, I will stick with one pump, but I can understand switching back and forth!

Ah… a girl after my own heart. I’ll come out of the closet and admit that I had the very same thought. I thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a conventional pump (I presently use the OmniPod) as a back up. I gave up the idea because I didn’t think that insurance would pay for both the pods and the infusion sets for another pump. I know that after 4 years (maybe a little less) I could switch pumps…but would have to come out of pocket for the non-current pump supplies. The pods cost more /3mos than the infusion sets for any conventional pump.

Hmmm… That’s another good point, will insurance cover? Also, I’d worry about pods/ infusion sets expiring…

I’ll just see how it goes with the pod. I’m still within my 45-day trial period. :slight_smile:

our insurance will not cover more then one pump every three or four years…have you checked into that?

I have two pumps- a MM 722 and Cozmo 1800. Had an OmniPod, but traded it in for a credit for supplies. I’ve switched back and forth quite a few times. I will soon have an Animas PING as well…we might donate the Cozmo when I get my Animas though, if my mom lets me, lol.

I got all of these because we’ve switched insuracnce A LOT when I was diagnosed, and when my dad had Leukemia. So, thats how I obtained so many.

Yes…you’d be better off starting off with a traditional pump…then switching to the OmniPod after 3-4 years. That way the insurance company word cover the huge up-front cost of the traditional pump ($6-$8K)… the Omnipod is around ($900). That way, if you have to come out of pocket…you could pay for the cheaper infusion sets for the traditional pumps; and have the insurance pay for the more costly pods.

ah! well since I’ve already started with the omnipod… I really want to keep it…

Here’s one for ya! The pod is supposed to be covered by BCBS which our time with them ended as of April 1 this year (I started on the 20th of March). Because Verizon is taking over Alltel, my dad is having to switch insurance companies to CIGNA… So I wonder if CIGNA would pay for another one because technically they didn’t with the Omnipod…??

Oh…I love this. Not just because my pod was also covered by BCBS and not because my birthday is the 20th of March BUT, because I like convoluted thinking. I love the possibilities. Keep us posted…you might actually geet your wish!!

Thanks Janice :slight_smile:
Happy pumping to all!

Because supplies are so costly (not to mention insurance coverage of both the supplies and pumps being an issue) and you have to have current Rx’s for the supplies associated with each pump, I have always had just one pump for the length of its warranty or until the company offers a device upgrade at a reduced cost before the warranty is up.

One thing to consider is that you will spend all of that money on two pumps and their accessories and in a few years, when BOTH warranties are up, every company will have updated their devices in some way and you might want to upgrade anyway. It would keep you familiar with each company’s advancements, but you would still want a new pump at the end of your warranty, likely.

BUT if you have the opportunity and financial means to have supplies and two pumps, there is not any reason that you couldn’t keep one as a back-up!

BCBS of MI will not cover the pods. Uhhh!!!

Sounds like your ship has come in. Good for you! For me, I praise the Lord that Medicare pays for one pump and supplies.

We were with BCBC Arkansas; PPO with Alltel Wireless

I currently have 3 pumps… minimed paradigm 511 (early model), MM522 (latest paradigm), and a Cozmo (6 months old)…

In a week getting a new Animas Ping pump. I am trading in my MM522 for the ping +$200.

So then I will have an older MM, a Cozmo and an Animas! It’s nice to have a backup and they both can use the same supplies.

You CAN get another pump before warranty is up you just have to write your insurance a letter. Worked for me… it’s how I got my Cozmo pump.