Morning Basal Rates

Hi, so I’ve always had the “dawn phenomenon” and just recently got back on a pump. My morning basal changes at 4am to 8.5 and then to 7.5 at 9am. I still run high after 9 and think that I need to try and up my 9am basal to 8.5 until like 10 or 11. My BS might be 100 at 6am and then after I drink a slimfast (my quickie breakfast of champions!) I check like 2 hours later and its high 100’s or low 200’s. My CDE also bumped my carb/insulin ratio in the morning and I haven’t really studied the affect a ton but I don’t get the impression from recent numbers that it is enough! What is everyone’s basal rates or experiences in the morning hours til lunchtime?

Thanks Dave but I was just curious about others experiences. I understand that my body is different than others in the way that it absorbes, reacts, etc. Thanks for the book title, I’ll look into it.

Thanks, appreciate the help! I’m not impulsive so I’m not going to be changing things til I track my basals.

The rate of morning insulin infusion can vary from person to person, but due to the secretion of cortisol and growth hormone at night, is common we need higher doses of insulin in the morning. This is common for most patients. Mauro Scharf, MD Brazil.