Morning pains in my stomach

Hi all. I was diagnosed with gastroparesis a year and a half ago. Lately I have noticed that I have had a recurring problem with pain in my stomach in the mornings. I drink 2 cups of coffee and the pain comes on about a hour later, or around the time of the 2nd cup. I cannot tell if this is a knot in my belly from gastroparesis or if it is something in my digestive tract that is causing this knot. I am not hungry when I have this discomfort either. I am also belching a lot in the mornings. It's not attractive or comfortable. Is all of this related to the same issue?

I am prescribed both Reglan and Amitiza (which I rarely take). I take my Reglan at bedtime and with my AM meds. I know I should take it 30 minutes before meals, but I just can't seem to get into that habit. Bad, I know.

I'm no longer vomitting, but I sure don't feel well.

What do you think? Is all of this gastroparesis related or is it something else?

Hi Rebecca,

I suspect all of what you described is very linked to gastroparesis. There are different things that can affect your stomach, including coffee, which tends to be very acidic. I think from what you described, the timing of when you have your coffee and the resulting stomach pain seem to point to this. Your other symptom, belching, may also be resulting from stomach or esophagus acidity. Have you experienced an unpleasant taste when you belch? This is another possible indicator. I’ve experienced all these issues myself with gastroparesis as well. You may want to mention it to your doctor, who might recommend something like Aciphex or other similar medication.


I have noticed a lot of pain in the front of the intestines, I experience the same thing. I am still waiting on my savella to be approved.
I have never been one to drink, but I am having two glasses of wine with a meal at night, My blood sugars are 85 to 120 when I wake up, plus it is helping me to sleep better.
I am allergic to so many drugs. I had read where a glass of wine with a meal will help to lower blood sugar. so I thought I would give it a try.
As far as relaxing me, it is far better tahn drugs. Of course this is not going to work for people who have had an alcohol or drug problem in the past but for those who have not, its worth a try.
The Reglan or the Amitiza never made a difference for me as far as I could tell.
I could never get in the habit either…but I would certainly try.
I take Phengran for the vomiting (50 mg) sometimes I take two and they help with vomiting.
It is frustrating having gastroparesis…and neuropathy, sometimes I feel like giving up and I don’t sleep well at night.
But then strength will come…It always comes somehow someway… I make it.

i have gp and most of my trouble seem to be in the morning too… all i can think of is that i am laying still all night and when i get up in the morning everything starts moving around and aggrevates it. also, when you have a bowel movement (sorry but trying to help) you stimulate your vagus nerve which always causes and uproar with me.

i am not a coffee drinker but ice cream seems to be something that settles my stomach

Coffee in itself will make me nauseous sometimes or have stomach pain. Maybe try eating something with the coffee? Also, mornings are always the worst for me and the GP symptoms get better as the day cont.