Gastroparesis symptoms

I started having gastroparesis symptoms again on the 8th of June. I didn’t know why my stomach was hurting. My bloodsugars have been on the low side as automode doesn’t seem to be working very well. I am going to increase my domperidom and eat small amounts of food more often throughout the day. I want to get control of this as I don’t like feeling like this. The last time I had gastro symptoms was August of last year.

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Sorry you are having symptoms again, I hope you feel better soon. Have you tried grinding up food etc? That helped me with my episode a few years back. Ultimately what help me the most was eliminating all grains from my diet not just gluten.

I have had bouts of it sporadically but usually it’s from medication. Aspirin is the worst. If you take alka seltzer it has aspirin. Usually if I have symptoms, I stop taking all oral meds esp the meds for stomach issues and it clears up.

I have heartburn sometimes and taking tums takes care of it.
Anything else makes it worse.

Have you tried the low FODMAPS diet for IBS. Have a google, some find it works well for gastroparesis symptoms too.

In my opinion gastroparesis is one of the easier complications to fix. I am starting to feel a little bit better since increasing my domperidom. I started taking an extra pill on Thurs and I took one before each meal yesterday. It seems that it doesn’t take long to get into your system.