Muscle cramping - what can we do?

I know that fluid replacement is vital to controlling muscle cramping during strenuous physical activity. However, do you folks have any tips once you’ve passed the threshold and actually start cramping up? My old days of stocking up on the Gatorade or eating bananas won’t work with my T2 so I’m looking for a little assistance from you guys. Thanks in advance.

I use NuSalt instead of table salt (half potassium chloride, half sodium chloride). I also take calcium and magnesium supplements. Finally, I have to keep my legs warm or I’ll go into terrible spasms in my sleep. I wear sweat-pants to bed and at least start the night with double socks during the cold months, leaving them on until the bed is warm.

Warmth, calcium, magnesium and potassium seem to do the trick.

My leg cramps used to be a nightly torment. Now I get maybe one bad one every six months or so.

When I do get a bad one, I’ll shake some NuSalt into my hand, lick it up and chase it with a glass of water. It seems to help.

Oh, Google foods high in potassium, too:

3 oz. avocado has about 400 mg

4 oz. salmon has 460 mg

Cup chopped broccoli has 280 mg

These are all more than Gatorade or some of the “recovery” drinks have in them.