My 1st anniversary

Well here it is my 1 yr. anniversary. Dx’ed with diabetes. I can’t help but think how my life has changed. I’ve been reading the posts here and other sights. I am a late bloomer as I was dx’ed at 52 years old. So much change and learning my new way to stay alive. Never had to think about it before!!
Eating has to be near the top of the list of changes. Of course I had to change the way ate as I got older, just had to eat less. Now whole different story, carbohydrates I loved them (notice the past tense), now I think in carb units every 15 means 2 units of novalog, because of this it now matters what the carbohydrates are. Do I miss the empty carbs. Of course, no more 1/2 dozen donuts at one sitting, sweet potato pie, etc., etc… Yes I could eat them, after about 10,000 units LOL
Meds are another major change. Before my dx you could count on your hands the times I took them. Well that also changed. I am now an amateur pharmacist, I can tell you about, insulin, be it short, fast, analog, long, slow, whatever. Now every morning I take 4 meds not counting insulin.
Words, now I know a lot more. The very first new word I learned when I was dx’ed was Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), that’s what I was in ICU. Here is the small list of new words, glycated hemoglobin, hypoglycemia ( my new favorite LOL), autoimmune, retinopathy, etc., etc… OK I knew some of these words before being dx’ed, just they mean more now.
Depression, well duh. Dude I would be dead right now if wasn’t for some group of guys named, Fredrick G. Banting, Charles H. Best, J.J.R. Macleod and James B. Collip in 1922. I am also going though a divorce, unemployed and having to stay with my Mom and Dad who are both handicapped (helping with money and care). Yes it’s wonderful to be me.LOL
Obsessions, well maybe a few. How about diabetes?? That’s better than my old ones, let’s just say I made not so good choices in my obsessions before. Diabetes may have actually given me a better chance of living longer, a simple choice go back to my old ways and die or live. See simple choice!! I have used my compulsive side to learn about diabetes and the stuff that goes with it.
What I have learned while bored. While trying to figure out how our glucose meters work ( I just like knowing how things work), I found a whole list of people who made our lives better. There’s Helen Free, the ones from the a long time ago will remember the urine strips, she invented them. Then there is Leland C. Clark, he is the one who developed the enzyme electrode, doesn’t sound like much, but every time we lance our finger and put that drop of blood on the test strip, we are using an enzyme electrode.
I have also found love stories with a diabetic theme.1 st. there is August Krogh, he started Novo Nordisk so his wife and others could have insulin. I also love the story of Eva Saxi, her husband made her and others insulin from wild water buffalo in China during WW 2. Ahh true love.
There is a lot of good in my life, too. My daughter (is the one that told me diabetes is better than my old life). She graduated from college, got married 5/31/09 (her not me). While she went on her honeymoon, I had to watch the kitten she found by her house. I fell in love she’s mine now, she needed a home anyways. I am going to be a GrandPa, COOL
How am I doing with my diabetes? you ask. Well actually pretty good, my last A1c 6.8 not bad for a beginner on MDI, but it does take a lot of work. Did pretty good tonight, I had a pig fest(once in a while) 5 chili-cheese dogs did 12 units novalog and 2 hrs later 154, not bad and 2 hrs after that 110 cool I can live with those numbers.
Sorry to ramble along just been thinking on this anniversary, how for me my live changed so much laying in ICU with IV’s and all kinds of wires. The Doctor pulls back that curtain and says "The Endocrinologist has DX’ed you type 1"
Thanks for letting me get it out.

I’m a late bloomer also. Was diagnosed Type 1 at 53 last May. Got you beat in the late bloomer race by 1 year. Also, DKA in ICU. Like you, I was a carb junkie. Bread, rice & pasta being my poison of choice. Aaahhh, now all these things are a distant memory. Amazing how our lives have changed. Some days, it’s surreal.

Enjoyed your post & the whirlwind history of notables.

Hi Gerri
Yea quite an amazing change. Glad you enjoined the post.

Great post! I appreciated the history lesson. I think we are given the D for us to wake up and change our lives. I was a carb junkie also. Lots aof bread and pasta. A large pizza by myself. Those were the days! Yes, I miss them sometimes, but then I look at my three little kids and I am thankful and grateful that I have the D. Strange, I know. But it has allowed me to be better in everything that I do, and not to take everything for granted.

Wow yeah, great post, there’s such alot you don’t realise you’ve learnt and so much more you can always learn. Fabulous job on the life changes and great A1c too. I can only dream of an A1c like that but I’m trying my hardest. Well done you x

you should write a book about the changes you’ve gone through. i was hooked just reading this blog and I was raised with type 1 diabetes. I would so be reading your book.

Thanks all,
Mike you so right about not taking for granted even some simple things.
Louisa I am sure you can get your A1c down always positive.
Melissa you people that got t1 so early in life amaze me, I am not sure I could do this when I younger.LOL

i enjoyed reading your blog
it somehow sounds like me.speciallly the words part
and i totally agree with melissa,just write it :slight_smile:

Thanks Sara.On the book I don’t think I am much of a writer, but how about “A Life Changed. A Diabetic Story.” LOL

Enjoyed the story and congrats on doing so well. Us diabetics are fighters.
Inspired me to maybe write a blog on my 17 yr. anniversary this Oct. Ummmmm what have I learned? lol

Good Robyn. I am looking forward to reading it.

happy anniversary! celebrate it as another birthday! Thankful to be alive!

it goes by quick. I remember my first year. Now, I am approaching 9! I celebrate every year as if it is my birthday (minus the presents lol).

Ya know Brooke you are right. When they took me out of ICU it is kind of a rebirth, the other way of being taken out(taken out HAHA) would be no fun at all.

Happy Anniversary, may you be here for many more!

Don’t give up that sweet potato pie completely, just have much smaller pieces :slight_smile:


Thanks Carrie,
I have gone to smaller pieces. But sometimes I just miss the pig out. Here’s an example I use to enjoy a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s, Chubbie Hubby, Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garica Ohh so good tasting. Now I eat those little