One Year Diabetic Anniversary - how sad

I am fast approaching my one year anniversary since I was dx as a diabetic. The day will be March 12. I am not looking forward to this at all. I so remember when the dr gave me the new I was like, nope, test again. You have got the wrong results. But instead I was wrong. Then I had all these hopes that this would go away. I am the first to admit that I don’t follow the “rules” like I am supposed to. I really wish there was some way to wiggle my nose and poof, the diabetes will be gone. But no to that too. I always say that I am going to do better, but I don’t. Something comes up, or I am the only one in the room who has a special diet. I don’t want other to bother with this. But I am learning that I have to voice this and other do have to help. I still am stress. I know that I am depressed. I have lost my health insurance and right now I am not seeing a doctor. but I am going to try this on my own. And hopefully next year, on my two year anniversary, I can say my weight is under control and I am no longer taking meds.

We will always be here for you. Don’t forget that… you are not alone, amiga.

I hope your 1 year anniversary day went well. I do that every day can be a struggle but you have to be like me and say that Diabetes is not going to ruin my life. We are behind you 100%.