My adventures with Diabetes Group 1: Type 1 and Type 1.5. So it begins

Well, life as I knew it changed a month ago. I was working on a hectic and stressful project, and i was experiencing a lot of fatigue. I knew something was wrong when the frequent urination episodes started. I rushed to the nearest store and bought a glucometer. When I tested for the first time, the meter came back with a “Blood sugar too high” message. I thought I had goofed up calibrating the meter, and so retested, only to get the same result. Panic set in, followed by a rational response. I gathered my belongings, packed up the overnight bag, and headed to the ER. My suspicion was proven right when the doctor returned with the stat blood work results, took a deep breath, and revealed that I had diabetes. My BG was 980, and my A1C was 13.5. Five days later, I went home with an average BG of 190, and my head swimming with my newly acquired vocabulary: bolus, lantus, humalog, PAD, baby aspirin, and a bunch of drug names and medical terms.

Fast forward a month. My A1C is now 8.5 and dropping. My BG average is down to 98, and pasta and ice cream remain distant dreams. I was angry and frustrated. Then I turned to the Internet. Apart from a plethora of web sites offering useful information, the ones that stood out were Bernard’s Blog, Alllison’s Lemonade Life and Diabetes Mine. Bernard pointed me to TuDiabetes, and here I am.

I am amazed at the camaraderie and the information sharing in this community, and I now know that I am not alone. Rather than wallow in the depths of self pity and anger, I am energized to live life, knowing that there is an entire universe of friends and well-wishers with the same problems, living life and relishing it.

I am a newbie here, but already feel at home. If you are new here, welcome, and be not afraid. A new journey begins. Now where’s that !@#$%^ lancet?

Congratulations on that BG average! And welcome!

Hi Sri. Congrats on the accurate self-diagnosis, too.
“Newbie” you knew what the symptoms you experienced meant.

Welcome to TuDiabetes, Sri. I’m somewhat new too, but was diagnosed last September. Good on you for testing and getting help!

Welcome Sri!
Glad you knew what to do. Yup, we’re here to support each other and even gripe about misunderstandings with the medical field,fight with insurance etc:)
Mainly, to give each other credit for joining the fight to improve our lives.
Thankyou for joining us!