The lab results are in

And my A1C is 4.8%

That translates to an average BG of 93. average for the last 30 days:

Reading Count:
Average: 82mg/dL

Highest: 160mg/dL

A big thank you to all the folks here at, and a special tip of the hat to Bernard, who has been magnanimous in sharing all kinds of diabetes related information and resources online.

D - 0 Me - 1
Until the next A1C test…

WOW!! I’m totally impressed - and a little bit jealous! That’s a very inspirational result. Done with low carb and some common sense? Or is there some other trick I’m not aware of?
Congrats :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Low carb, common sense and settling into a routine. I love to cook, so i took it as a challenge to whip up low carb recipes that kept my BG under control. I also added exercise, and geared down a notch when it came to lifestyle. I’ve reduced my daily insulin dose by a third as a result. I’ve also accepted that diabetes management is an art, not a science. I compare it to zen. It is a way of life. I don’t fight it anymore, but just go with the flow.

Great A1c! And great philosophy. Honestly Sri, you kind of inspire me.