My Big Blue Test - Intense version

I did a slightly modified version of the BBT. Let's set the stage a bit:

Planned exercise: 50 mile bike ride
Duration: 4 - 6 hours
Weather conditions: Temps in the mid 80s (F), 50% humidity, mostly sunny

I started by lowering my pump's basal rate to 10% (.04 U/hr), ate breakfast with a significantly lowered I:C ratio (1:32). I ate 30 minutes before the ride.

Testing was via my Aviva meter.

Initial test @ start of ride = 229 mg/dl (12.7 mmol)
2nd test (50 minutes later) = 151/8.4 (I dropped by basal to 0%)
3rd test (60 minutes later) = 58/3.2 (4 glucose tabs, 5 grapes)
4th test (50 minutes later) = 93/5.2 (2 glucose tabs)
5th test (50 minutes later) = 112/6.2 (LUNCH BREAK! Bolus 2U, basal @ 50% for 30 minutes, then back to 0%)
6th test (90 minutes later) = 81/4.5 (3 glucose tabs)
7th test (30 minutes later) = 107/5.9 (LAST TEST! reset basal to 100%)

Overall, pretty successful. I am trying to work on reducing the need for glucose tabs by experimenting with adding more protein into the meals before and during the ride.

Appreciate any comments

That looks like an excelleny plan and is pretty much what I do, except I use Gatorade rather than glucose tabs. What do you drink? Water? I experimented with switching to Smarties (small glucose tabs!) but didn't like the dusty texture so I've created a mix of Smarties and Starburst Jelly beans that's pretty rockin', texturewise. I bring those and try to use the Gatorade for fuel/hydration and the "chow" for BG needs. At the Chicago Marathon, I had one Gu at like Mile 18 (they pass them out...) and bolused for it but "oopsed" and forgot to cut the bolus so ended up with like 80% rather than 33% like I'd have wanted.

Here's the reports from my pump from the race. I forgot about the 1 day reports as I usually just look at the blocks of time for trends, etc.

2445-MarathonCGMreport.pdf (32.7 KB) 2446-MarathonDataReport.pdf (112 KB)