My body hates me

I woke up at 163, didn’t bolus cause I didn’t get up until noon. Ate lunch around 2, bolused for 35 grams of carbs. I started cleaning, pulling up tack board, scrubbing floor, and walls, cleaning kitchen. 3 hours later blood sugar was at 81. I didn’t adjust. Fixed grilled chicken, grilled pineapple and pasta salad, bolused for 66 carbs. 3 hours later i am at 119, pretty good. Now I am at 228. I am nasueas and exhausted and my body hurts. I haven’t been over 200 in 4 months. I forgot how lousy this feels. I literally had to crawl up the stairs to get my zofran I hurt so bad.

I’m sorry to hear about this :frowning: I know and also hate the feeling of high blood sugar.

The light in the darkness is that your blood sugar control is AWESOME. So you’re not used to feeling high. And that is great!

I hope that it comes down quickly and you are feeling better!

Thankfully after 5 units of insulin and half a gallon of water I am at 149. I want to know how the heck I made it the first few years of diagnosis with sugar always over 300 cause I didn’t care about the diabetes. This is hell being over 200.
The pump has given me excellent control, I have to admit it is the best decision I ever made with my diabetes.


I hope all is well! I was researching something on the internet and I found your blog…small world

what do you think caused the spike?

I think it’s pretty amazing how our body adapts to feeling lousy. In my “lost years” I ran around at 250-300 all the time and had a lot of energy. When I sarted working on my control, I actually felt ill for several weeks because the body was then trying to adapt to a new status quo.
I think when we have periods of roller-coasting it’s also really hard.

4 months of not going over 200 is fabulous. I am going to try to have just one week (coming up) of no post-prandial 200’s…

Love your control!!! Yep had that same feeling more than once but I had to get to over 300 or more for it! Kristin is right! Your not used to highs and your body is letting you know when your high! GOOD FOR YOU!!!

Been trying to figure that out. I didn’t eat anything that had carbs or sugar in it after I ate dinner. All I had to drink was crystal light and Splenda is the only artificial sweetener my body can handle without causing spikes, and after I drank half a gallon of crstyal light my sugar went down. I am chalking it up to one of the freak diabetes occurences we have to wonder about, I haven’t been even close to 200 since it happened.

I love the title of this post. I feel the same way sometimes.

Like others, I’m impressed with our control. If I ever go for four months without a reading over 200 I’m throwing a party. I suppose it’s your tight control that lets you feel lousy at 200 because I can’t feel 200 at all. I have to get over 320 or so before I feel it. I guess I have a case of ‘hyperglycemic unawareness.’

As for explanations, you said it best. Its one of those freak diabetes occurrences. In other words, your body hates you.

Terry :slight_smile:

That’s an absolute perfect phrase, “hyperglycemic unawareness”…

what up cody?

oh im sorry to hear that… i guess we all have to deal with the spikes every now and then, we may not know what causes it, but it sure does happen… the only thing bout this, is that youre on a pretty tight control, as what you have said, for 4 months without getting to 200s, by the way, is worth a recognition, so i guess your body is just alienated to these new environment, and it is a normal body response to feel ill and NO, your body doesnt hate you…LOL…

i have the same experience yesterday, after supper, i was sure i bolused enough, when after an hour, i feel weird, tired, and my feet is kinda weak, these are the signs for me to know that my BG is on the 200s at least. so i went to check my BG and there it was, 246!!! i went to investigate what could be wrong, tubings, bubbles, and stuffs like that, but no signs of leaking or reason for my sugar to spike, anyways, i went to change my infusion set with a new vial of insulin and when i pulled my old infusion site out, there it was,blood was all over the sticky stuff, it was dry blood, so i went to check my site on the mirror, as i had it on my back(love handle). and it was swelling…i remember that it was because on that afternoon when i went to the gas station and fill my car, my pump suddenly fell out of my pocket, and it was hanging before i got the chance to put it back …i didnt really expect it to caused a high BG coz i tested after 1 or 2 hours after that happened, i was 112, and pre-supper was in the 90s… but then, i know i should have investigated that incident further… so another lesson to be learned here people…