BS over 200 for 5 hours!

okay so here i go complaining again, but i feel i have no one else to turn to, i have shot so much insulin today its beyond belief, i’ve barely eaten, it just wont go down, i rarely have this problem… i’m starting to worry now that theres something screwed up inside my body thats resisting the insulin i put in it, ugghhhh not fun… not fun at all… it’s like trying to control a wild animal… wow don’t i miss the days of effortless control…my stomach actually hurts from the copious amounts of water i’ve been consuming. anyone have any advice?


I have this issue when I coming down with a cold, the flu or other infection. Also stress just kills me and my BS goes ballistic like this. I suggest a couple of things. First do not stop eating. It may be an infection or stress or both and if it is the case eating normally is better than not for me. Second, remember insulin, depending ont he kind will not peek when we want it to peek. Insulin has a peak and tail period depending on the type. Using the knowledge, you can cover smarter. Lets say you have a four hour peak insulin, well cover and hold for at least two hours before testing again. No need to double or triple load and go low when fighting a high. Finally drink the water, it will give you something to do. I suggest using a flavored water, crystal light is what I use, there are many around however.

Look up your insulin for the peak periods and dissipation rates. Use those as an average and test at half peak and full peak. That is the only way you can really know what you are giving and what is acting. I also switch my site when covering. Body absorption rates differ by placement. Try the arm leg and stomach to see where you are gettign good absorption on any particular day.

Let us know how you are doing.

thanks rick! that actually helped alot!