My Book Is Now Arriving At People's Homes

A lady posted today that she had received my book and had read it. She is very kind. Here is her post:

"That was so fast! My copy came in the mail today, Richard, I couldn't believe it! That was with regular shipping. I think your book just set a new record for speed of delivery!

I just finished reading it and have passed it over to my mom She will love it too.

Richard, thank you again for taking the time to compile your thoughts this way. Thank you for the effort and the time you have put into the finished product. It looks great! The photos came out beautifully (my favourite ones are of you on the bike, beaming --- so cute!--- and of your young parents just starting on their new journey together). The size of the book is nice and the weight is good as well. It is comfortable to hold and the paper is nice and bright.

Most of all, the words are comforting. Last week, I was frightened by the finding of retinopathy in my left eye. I am frightened to go on the pump, and am doing it only because I feel I can't improve my control with MDI. Your book helped me feel much better about both of these worries. The pump might be the best thing that ever happened to me. And the improved control I stand to gain with it might make it possible to reverse my retinopathy, or at least stop it from progressing. Your words are so calming because they are true!"