A Preview Of My Book

The link below shows the front cover of my book and gives information about the book. My upgraded proof copy is due to arrive on March 2. If I approve the proof then it will be on sale in a few days after that.



NOTE: I have been given permission to show this information.

I can’t wait until it’s released!

Congratulations on your book and 64 years diabetes health!

Love those pics!!! Good luck with your book and like Marina said congrads on 64 years of diabetes health!!!

Richard, you are awesome! Thank you for being wise and compassionate and supporting so many of us!

How cool! I feel like I ‘know’ someone who is famous. That is so wonderful! I know it will be an inspiration for so many! Great Job!

Is there a way to publish here the password for the book page, so that others may access it?

I am including a screenshot for others to view:

Now that is One Handsome cover. That’s your 50 year medal, eh Richard?? Perfect! I agree with Amy. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to hold your books in my hands. Congrats again!

The thread for buying my book was posted yesterday. It seems to be invisible. Lol! People on several other sites have bought my book. Here is the link:


Manny, the password is… DD157