My Daughter who is six is on her first class trip with her father and I had to share this

They went to a farm to do strawberry picking and they had a little demonstration on how they make pies. They asked if anyone had questions and my daughter raised her hand. She asked the guy how do they make sugar free pies for people who have diabetes? The guy didn’t know what to say. I am so proud of my little one.

Am proud as you are. He should answered:“Don’t use sugar” Or "Use sugar substitute"

I had diabetes since I was a year and a half old, I never worried or asked about Sugar Free food. I just eat what everyone else eat. Probably my Mom didn’t want me to feel different!? Love you Mom

How about you bake a sugar free pie for her!

Trying to help!

We let her eat what she wants as well and we just make sure that she is covered for it. She generally eats very well. I don’t know where this questions came from. I just thought that as a 6 years old it was pretty awesome to think to ask that.

If this were facebook, I’d ‘Like’ this post!

Smart kid! :slight_smile:
It’s amazing how diabetes affects our little people making them think of everything they put into their mouths.