What alittle Trooper!

Just wanted to stop by and let you all know how very much I appreciate all the advise and suggestions you have given me in regards to my daughter! Flying blind is not fun. It’s been a great help! I have taken some of what Y’all have told me and started an information log. That way I can go back and look things up if need be also it’ll help my husband. He works nights and often a lot of overtime. So he is more newbie than me. LOL So it’ll come in handy!

My daughter is doing well adjusting to her T1! I am not allowed to call it a Disease! Which I figure its hers she can call it anything she wants so I don’t correct her! I wanted to let Y’all know that the other night she came to me and was talking about her Ipod and apps and I told her to see if there is something on there for Diabetes and there was. She found a carb counter, which we checked online with Food Advisor and matches right on. Plus she found an app that keeps track of her counts, BG readings, medicines she takes in amounts and times both her meds were listed on the app. She can even put in the foods and snacks she eats with the times it tells her the total carbs. Which works out great! She likes the idea because she can use it at school instead of writing everything down like she has been doing. Just thought I would let Y’all know if you got kids with an Ipod or thinking of getting one. This would be a good reason to do so!

Your post made me smile, Mia. When my daughter was first diagnosed (she’s 16 mow, diagnosed at 12), she INSISTED that we not call diabetes a disease. She said that it made it sound like she was a sick person, and she wasn’t. She was interviewed by a reporter, and told the reporter the same thing, and the reporter asked what she would call diabetes if not a disease? My daughter replied, “An unchosen lifestyle.” HA – I’ll say!!

Others have probably mentioned this, but JDRF, the American Diabetes Association and Children with Diabetes all have information or “chat” opportunities for kids/teens with diabetes. I know my daughter found those helpful in the beginning. JDRF also likely has local activities where you guys could meet others. Also, you should call your local JDRF chapter to get a “Bag of Hope.”

kids are so tech savvy these days. Great idea about the apps on the Ipod; most kids have them these days. I’m still with the written logs. Your daughter sounds amazing, so responsible, with such a good attitude so early on. Technically, I believe D is a disease, but hidden. so I think of it as more of a condition. Not a good idea to use the “disease” label… “unchosen lifestyle,” that’s a good one, LOL.

I love that “unchosen lifestyle” comment! It’s not really a disease so much as a “condition” – a condition in which your own cells screw up and cost you some pretty important members of the cellular staff. Kind of like firing your custodial staff before you really know just how much they do around the building. Ooops.