My daughter's Type 1 Diabetes

My 2yr 8month old daughter Elyssa was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 7-1-11. It has been the worst month of my life. Our world has been turned upside down but I am hoping it get easier. I’m starting to reach out and blog and talk to other people to try and see if there are ways to make life with Type 1 Diabetes more bearable.
The first week she was so high and it was really hard getting her under 200 and she still kept going as high as 400.
2nd week we experienced many lows. Her dosages have been changed tons of times but since she is little every slight change makes a huge difference in her BG Levels.
3rd Week she didn’t have any highs over 300 so we were getting there but it was a big process, took many calls to the endo. and big learning curve just to get to that. She was starting to act a little like herself again.
4th Week has been the best we haven’t had any numbers over 200 and none under 60. The doctors all said this would get easier and I want them to tell me when that is because I don’t see it anytime in the future. I wake up every 2hrs during the night to check her and go to work during the day so I’m exhausted.
I’m hoping to get her on a pump ASAP but don’t know how that all works yet or if insurance will cover it for someone her age. I have seen many stories of young children with pumps but don’t know all the hoops you have to jump through to get one. I just know that the holding her down to give her 4 injections a day is not only traumatizing & tiring for her it stresses me out just the same.
I truly hope that it gets easier but I think it will just become more routine and not easier to handle.

My heart goes out to you.

Hugs luvmyelyssa…
There is a group on here called “Parents with kids with type 1” Please check it out…Im sure lots there will give you some tips, guidance and support.
I wish you and your beautiful daughter Elyssa the best…

Thanks so much. This has been a difficult time I just needed to get it out one more time. I will check out the Parents with Kids group. Thanks.

I can relate exactly to how you feel. My dtr was dx at 4 yrs Sept 2010. Almost one year has already gone by and although this is ALWAYS challenging it has gotten easier. We put our dtr on the pump w/in 3 months of diagnosis. We were told most insurances wouldn’t even consider until pt was 6 months diagnosed. Two of the things we used to justify the pump is that our dtr was extremely fearful of the injections screaming for the parent who wasn’t giving the shot to save her from the other :frowning: and that she was getting such small doses of insulin it was difficult to measure say .14 units with a syringe. We were approved and have been pumping since. She loves the pump and for us it makes diabetes less intrusive to our lives. We still get up every night at 2am to check her even though she is pretty stable. Don’t know when that will end. Probably when she goes to college. :wink:

I understand what you’re going through, I know how tough it is. My daughter was diagnosed November 2007, when she was 2 years and 4 months old. It was so stressful, a constant balancing act and it didn’t seem like it would ever get better. But it did. A few things get easier, but for the most part you just get used to it. What is really upsetting to you and your daughter will become more routine. In a way it’s better that she got it so young … within a year your daughter won’t be able to remember life without it. So it will seem normal to her.