My Dawn Phenomenon

Its not everyday that I wake up high, but its most days. I was at 101 today, which is about as perfect as anyone could get. But my meter is right there telling me that my 2 week before breakfast average is 242. I felt pretty good today though! It usually takes me until noon to get out of a funk.

I've tried cutting out carbs before bed, which is pretty hard at dinner time. With my hectic schedule sometimes I don't eat dinner until close to 8pm. I also have Celiac disease, and what that means is that alternative "Gluten Free" things tend to run higher in carbs. I find myself eating lots of salads!

A couple days ago I decided to raise my basil rate by 0.2U/hr from 2am to 8am. Since the research I found indicated that was the most common time people were affected by DP.

The first night, no change! I was below the average of 242 at 212 but not below it enough to convince me that my changes were already working. Then today I'm at 101! So I don't know, we'll give it some more time to see. I think that it will help at least, but I don't know if 0.2U/hr is very much.

I found out I had Celiac disease at the end of 2012, but was having severe symptoms for about a year (trust me, you don't want the details). Which seems to coincide with the start of the Dawn Phenomenon, so I think they are related somehow. Maybe because I was usually getting sick while I was asleep at night, that it could have affected my BG.

But now that I have my BG under better (using that word loosely) control, as well as my Celiac disease. Err.. I think I have better control over the Celiacs than the Diabetes :( ... either way I still have Dawn Phenomenon 90% of days.

I know that most people would say that it should be easily controlled on a pump and I'm sure that is the truth, at least I sure hope it is! But as of now, I don't know enough to self adjust, and I can only get to my endo every few months so its hard to nail it down right now. Soon I hope!

I don't know what clicked in me lately, honestly I've been a terrible diabetic, I sneak candy, I don't always bolus, or check my BG enough. But for some reason lately, I've become determined to get this thing under control. I've been checking myself at least 6 times if not 8 or 9 times a day, before eating and 2 hours after, bolusing for every meal(and the candy that I still sneak)... and I'm hoping that it stays this way!(except for the candy part) because I need to get my BG under complete control!

I'm glad I've found tudiabetes! I'm sure nobody is interested, but hey at least it feels good to get these things out! I'll be sure to report back when I'm cured of DP! ;)

I have had dawn phenom for the 22 years I have been T1. Under 200 is a good morning. My Endo recommended ramping up my basil rate before the dawn phenom, about 2 or 3 hours before and that has helped. I just got a CGM (Dexcom G4) and love it. I can see when the BS is going up, confirm on my meter and make adjustments. I recommend trying one for a few days if your Endo agrees and can set up the trail. We all get tired of the daily battle but try and hang in there, good luck.

Thanks! Yea, I'm actually getting a Dexcom G4 soon. I can't wait for more than just the DP reason!

Austin you came to the right place. Here we are like family.Why don't you join our chat room where we all help each other & have fun too.

That's one thing my Endo told me that has helped me is to bolus for everything! When I do (which is always now) my BS are really good but if I sneak in a cookie I will always see it later and be upset with myself.

I have 9 basal rates to null out dawn phenomenon. The dexcom should be a big help in dealing with DP.


Thanks all for the support! My dietician has recommended the same thing Shark. I should exercise in the morning after waking up.

Problem is I've never been a morning person, and having this DP sure doesn't help that situation. So my motivation for morning exercise is about null unfortunately.

I think regular exercise is my last real hurdle to overcome (that and sneaking candy). I think I'll just get a gym membership because I know that if I'm paying for something I'll make myself use it.

For my dp, which also isn't every day, I take 2-3 units at 3-4 am. Then when it is 80-90 or above I do 1 unit each time I wake up until I'm ready to get up and eat. If it's 150-160 or higher I correct more or just get up and eat and add my correction into my meal bolus. Most of the time this works well for me and I don't spike up to 180 or so. I have to eat when I get up to get my dp under control almost every time though. Sometimes I can also go hypo, there is no logic to my bp. I'm not a morning person either and my schedule is nocturnal. My DP didn't kick in until about 3 months after I got out of the hospital, not sure what caused it but it may have been in part that my basal insulin was way too high and we were reducing it. It was great not having any dp though, like heaven. I hope you figure yours out soon!