My diagnosed story


Hi I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes the week before Christmas of 2016 and i’m 15 yours old and when I was rushed to the hospital I was I non diabetic at the time but I was DKA and I was told that it probably started around thanksgiving time and when I got my blood sugar check it was a very high number and before I found out that I have type 1 diabetes the doctors at a different hospital kept diagnosed me with gastritis and when I went to a different hospital when had a very high blood sugar and I transferred to a different hospital that is in Atlanta Georgia that is all


Hey Joshua, glad you found us. I’ve enjoyed chatting with you inn the chat room, nice to see you on the forum and letting us get to know you better. We have lots of members from the Atlanta area (I assume you live near Atlanta). Right now I’m thinking of @Stoner - I think she lives just outside of ATL. She’s pretty involved with type1 advocacy if you’d like to get more involved yourself, she’s a really good person and friend to many of us here at TuD.


Welcome. I have been a member since September 2016. Got alot of support and information. I’ve been diabetic for 10 plus years. Diagnosed at 24. Type one. Hope this community gives you comfort like it has me.


Hi yes I live about an 1 hour away from Atlanta Georgia I live in Summerville Georgia


Ok thank you


Welcome, Joshua_cordle, This site has helped me tremendously. I have learned more here than anywhere else.


@Joshua_cordle Get ready for a wonderful, sometimes wild, ride! I was diagnosed 45 years ago at 19 yrs old, exactly two weeks before I started Dental school.

With all of the support and technological advances you have available today you should be able to slay this dragon and have a great and healthy life.

Best of luck on your journey!