My Endo wants me to start pumping

Hi name is mary ann been diabetic, type 1 for 35 years injector i inject 5x daily of Huma;;log pen and Lantus

problem is i have much probs with lows too many x a day

i had a pump when pregnant 11 years ago and did not like it,,,especially the tubing..

i have no complications thanks to my toght control

dont know what to do? i know most diabetics are pumping now...does the tubing get in the way of daily actiivities?

help cant decide what to do

does medical assistance pay for pumps?

Switch to Levemir… Then go on the pump! its great its freedom and control like youve never had… i suggest the Animas One Touch Ping… its got the lowest basal and bolus rate and its waterproof!

oh yes btw what kind of medical assistance? i have low income insurance and im in the works of getting the Ping…

Agree with Brian. Try Levemir first. I had terrible lows with Lantus, even after changing doses & using split doses. Lantus peaks & I’d crash.

Pump supplies are expensive. For that reason & others, I’m staying on MDI. People like Omnipods because there’s no tubing, but it’s kind of large.

pump supplies are expensive but some people coverage will pick it up or atleast most of it… and i hate the omnipod because its freestyle and i dont like there meter its inconsistent…

I’ve been pumping for 22 years now and love it unlike some other’s here. It helped with my control (had a hard problem with it) and I’ve gotten used to the tubing from it. Your situation sounds so different from mine though. Here’s hoping the best for you. I really don’t have any answers for you. Sounds like your happy the way your going with the shots.

I just started pumping at the end of June and I have no issues with the tubing. I am on the Animas Ping.

I agree with the others about switching to Levemir first. If you are leery about moving to the pump, then that would be a much better move. I had constant lows when I was on Lantus and was able to fine tune the Levemir a lot better. If I go back to MDI, it will be Levemir, not Lantus.

medical assiatance is the medical insurance for low income people who have health expenses here in the usa

I just started pumping a couple of weeks ago after being on MDI for 25 years. One of the reasons why I never wanted to go on a pump was because of the tubing. That’s why I wanted to try the Omnipod.

So far, it’s probably the best decision I have made as a diabetic regarding my own treatment regime. My control has never been better and the ease of use and customer support far outweigh any minor inconveniences I may have experienced.

My insurance covers 80% of pump supplies. I consider the 20% I kick in myself to be money well spent.

I agree with the others that you might want to try Levemir. I found that Levemir doesn’t push me down to lows as much as Lantus. My doc gave me a sample so it was easy to try and for most people the dose is the same as for Lantus but usually works better if split into twice daily shots.

and it is money well spent… you cant put a price on your health… if people could buy big macs and stuff we can spare some money to be healthy!

yes i agree when i was MDI i used Levemir 2 shots daily 14units 7am/7pm it workout pretty good to…

I’ve been Diabetic 34 years and just today in fact, Ordered the Omnipod. I have had very good control but finally wanted to give it a try! I know I would not like the tubing. Wanted to wait for the new Solo but it could be a couple years for that. I started on a CGM first to get used to the whole idea. My insurance covered it %100 but that’s after meeting a very high deductible. Go online and order the sample Omnipod. You can wear it around awhile and see how it feels (no insulin of course)
Good luck!

a sample Omnipod? really? i sure will…my endo said it was very bulky but i want to see for myself
whats the website?

i wore it… its not bad actually i just dont like freestyle… i can check my sugar and its 190 then check again and its 250… its wayyy to inconsistant for me and the whole point of the omnipod is to use the meter and pdm… hence i went with the ping the tubing can sometimes be a hastle but its not really a bother to me (and i have a very active and curious 3 year old son)… but you know whats best for you as well as id say for the lady thinking about getting a pump youve gotta put all the information for each pump side by side and compare and see what fits you and your lifestyle the best…

Go to:
I am a little afraid of it’s bulkiness too. But I still think it will be more comfortable than dealing with the tubes.

Look at:
That’s the one I really want but last I heard it’s going to be at least a year before it’s available. You can also get a sample Solo.

Good idea and i will weigh each pump according to my lifestyle,

thanks for the websites i am going now to order the samples!! this is great!

but fair warning dont get discouraged when you get on the pump and your sugars go alittle freaky… its a process that takes time to get down going from lantus/levemir and bolus shots to straight fast acting insulin will be great but you cant just say give me a conversion heh

i know,that will be a problem for me ,i try to be a perfectionist but even now i fail with off the wall lows and highs…oh well…i have till november to think about this thats when i see the diabetes nurse with my new Endo…

trust me when i tell you its wayyy better to deal with some highs for a week and not have to stab yourself but 1 time every 2-3 days… the control will be a lot better i dont care how hard you try with MDI it just can only get so good… i suggest the ping because it has a food database which you can add to… if you have special things like say meatloaf… you just hit that and bolus and its one touch meter is the best in my eyes… and its waterproof up to 12ft for 24 hours… whos gonna swim at 12 feet for 24 hours? i mean really is that necessary? no but it is possible! i hope you choose to go with the pump for yourself… if not deff inquire about levemir because its alot more stable then lantus!