Switching from pump to shots


I am very new to the site and found it very interresting. I did have a question. Did anyone here ever switch from an insulin pump back to giving themself shots? I am in the process, but it feels like I am walking backwards… It’s mostly because the supplies are so expensive, my daughter keeps pulling on my tube, and I’ve had alot of problems with it breaking (The company did replace it every time,but my warranty is out now and they want me to upgrade to the newer model). Please tell me I’m not the only one!

hey! dont you have insurance that covers, not all, but at least part of the amount…?well, i dont think switchin from pump to shots is like you said walkin backwards though, its a matter of where you are most comfortable, including the budget…i know, its kinda expensive just supplies alone but for me, i just switch from shots to pump, i guess being on a pump provides much greater control on your blood sugar, which is very important in diabetes care…

just my 2 cents…

Hi Mareze,
I totally understand your frustration with the pump. From the cost to the sometimes out of control blood sugars, it can be tough. My niece, as well as a doorknob, have pulled out my tube a few times as well. I mentioned to my doctor the thought of switching back to shots and she was not happy with the idea. My doctor felt that I would encounter the same issues I am having now with the pump if I switched to shots. My problem with shots was taking the Lantus or what would be your basal, I had at least two hypoglycemic actions a day because the Lantus would peak at bedtime and in the middle of the night. The only time I felt good while taking shots is when I decided to control EVERYTHING, exercise, carb counting, reducing my levels of stress. I pretty much ate the same thing everyday so I wouldn’t make any errors in carb counting. As boring as it sounds, it worked. I hope things work out for you with the switch you’ve made. In every aspect of being a Type I, tight control is your best friend. Sucks right? Just joking, stay postive and the transtion will be a smooth one.

Where are you wearing your pump??? I have mine very well hidden and out of sight of my little one tucked into my clothes…have you thought about medical tape (whatever it’s called) and taping the tubing to your body??? Like always it is what is best for your situation but I was more lazy on MDI than I am on the pump…

Hi Mareze,

Everyone on here that has switched to a pump says that they just love them. But not me. My doctor has talked to me about getting one several times. But I have a lot of little kids (my grandkids) around me so much of the time that I can’t think of anywhere to put one that would keep it out of danger. I don’t mind giving myself shots, usually between 5 or 6 per day. And I keep my diabetes under such tight control with them. I really don’t want to mess that up. I think whatever works out best for you is what you should do. I just can’t see myself as being able to keep a pump on me without dislodging it or the access site while I have little ones up and down in my arms all day. I wish you the best of luck.

I have used my pump now for 5 years, exactly this month. I have been doing the shots now for about 2 weeks and in the beginning it was rocky, but now it’s fine. I have a great doctor though, he is really on top of things, and I can reach him 24/7 Monday through Sunday. Like he said to me, it’s a personal decision. He recommended a “pump vacation” and that is what I am doing now. I am thinking it’s because he probably thinks that I will change my mind. I keep my pump between my breasts. I can’t do the belt clip, it’s always in my way. i did think of the medical tape, but it is nasty, it makes you all sticky when it’s hot, it runs like sweat. I know control is the best, but I do know that I controlled my sugars well when I was on shots to. I guess I’ll take the pump vacation and decide what i want to do after that. I am visiting my family in July in South Africa, and the traveling should be easier with shots.

Mareze, I think you have good reasons for gong back to shots. The most important thing, by far, is good control. If you have good control with shots then you should not feel hesitant about putting your pump on the shelf for awhile. I have read several instances of diabetics going from pumping back to shots, for various reasons. When your child is older I hope you will resume pumping. I started pumping in June of 2007 and I am 68 with a slow paced lifestyle so pumping is perfect for me. Good luck to you!


Mareze, I am one of a handful of former pump-wearers. I found that the pump did not live up to its lofty promise, and much of the reason was because I had very good control to begin with, and after all was said and done the pump cost a lot more money, did not bring me better control so I felt it was more trouble than it was worth when the warranty expired. But some people, particularly those who either need dosing precision smaller than 1/2 unit or those whose basal insulin needs vary considerably throughout the day do find pumps are a better solution. The bottom line is this: pumping is great for many people, but there’s nothing wrong with MDI if you can attain the same degree of control with it!

Hi Melanie,
There was a post awhile back about shooting Lantus twice a day. I was having the same reaction and I would metabolise the Lantus in under 24 hours leaving my BS to run wild in the mid hundreds. I take a 9am and 9 pm shot now to help correct this issue. However, I am switching to the pump in Sept. (need to wait for healthcare coverage reasons). I would ask your Dr. about it becasue it’s not that uncommon.

I can go back and forth - I get great results with my pump (and fortunately, the cost of supplies is covered by my govt), however, I went on MDI recently for a few weeks - I was vacationing, and didn’t want to worry about a pump when I would be spending a lot of time in the water. If my pump supplies weren’t covered, I wouldn’t be able to afford them, and definately would be using Lantus and Humalog or other similar long and rapid acting insulins.

The bottom line with diabetes, imo, is to use a therapy that works for you.

Wish I could’ve seen this thread when it was still a little ‘fresher’…I’m thinking of going back to shots too (I’m a college guy, and the supplies are unGodly expensive) I’ve found a way to make my insulin money go a bit further, but, as of right now, it’s just not really feasible for me to stay on the darn thing.
The main reason that I went on it in the first place was a string of severe (read: on the floor, call an ambulance!) insulin reactions (if I remember right, something like 3 in a span of 4 months), about 10-11 years ago.
I think that my life is a bit more calm, so I’m hoping if I do go back to injections, things will be much better for me…Mareze - how did things end up for you (good I hope!)

I have 5 children and have not had a problem with them removing my sites. I also use a glue called Skin Tack that holds them in place very well. I use the 23"? quickset and have not had a problem. I used the longer ones years ago and occasionally would get a pull but not enough to worry about.

Keep Going…Peace, bob