My experience making a T1D fundraising video

Just wanted to share a recent fund raising experience. Used a video as a way to create a more compelling campaign. Have received great responses.

There are two stories we can tell. Both are true. One is the story of courage and tenacity. Type one diabetes is a momentous challenge but not a barrier to success and achievement. I tell my daughter she can do whatever she sets her mind to and diabetes is just another factor in her life. The other story is one of risk, sadness, burden and even tragedy. For some, the challenges of diabetes are overwhelming. And even in the best of times, “control” is more of a dream than reality.

The first story is the one I hope my daughter lives her life by. And we do ultimately want people to understand this. But the second story is the one that usually generates the most momentum for raising awareness and funding for research. In my own recent outreach to friends and family for donations to JDRF, I included this fund raising video. Check it out.

I followed a script that echoes the themes used by many others before me. Here are the keys.

1) Put a number on it. Let people know the magnitude and urgency.
2). Put a face on type one. You own, your child’s, whoever you represent. Yes, the story of a child is more powerful. Just a cold hard fact.
3) Most people see the façade of diabetes. You look good, you’re doing fine. They don’t see the thousands of things you do behind the scenes to stay alive and healthy. Give them a glimpse of what’s behind the curtain.
4) Ask for their help directly. Sympathy is ok, not pity. Don’t just make them sad, ask for action and tell them what to do to help.
5) Give them hope. Point to the power of research and our collective goal for a cure—a goal they can help achieve.
6) Lastly, keep it under 3 minutes. Even at that length, it’s hard to keep their interest the whole time. You have to be selective about what you include—it will admittedly be just the tip of the iceberg but you have to distill the story down to the most powerful parts.