Type 1 Kids, Video

This is a wonderful video, showing several young children, and their everyday lives with type 1 diabetes. Sad, but joyful. These brave children endure so much, but they enjoy their lives!!


This video is well done. Videos like this always bring me tears. Even though I’m a 62 year old man. I feel the human connection. I understand all the extra finger-pricking, the insulin shots, the debilitating lows and the groggy highs. I get the fears but I also understand the resolve, the tenacity, and the tears of triumph. :+1::point_up::muscle:

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Hi Terry, the video affected me the same way. I had tears in my eyes, too. I watched the first two kids, but did not watch any others. Two was enough to make me tear up.

i’m thankful that the mom gives her daughter so much love and has some extra spirit left over to extend her love by making and posting this beautiful video.

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it made me cry it was done so well. & i don’t cry that much.

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