My experience with toujeo

Will be brief. Tried it 2x, bg was never stable. Fasting bg was always running high and spent much of the day trying to get it down. Made dawn effect worse. Had brain fog. Definitely not the drug for me.

I’m sure others have had great experiences with it. I cannot find anyone else who had a crappy experience like me, when I do a quick internet search. Just wanted to post something to no-one else thinks they are crazy if it isn’t working out.

The prescribing information suggests that your insulin requirements with Toujeo will be higher than with Lantus. Did you work to raise your Toujeo dose to find a proper basal level?

Yes. Side effects and much higher dose required were the main turn offs for me.

Care to comment on side effects?
By “turned off” do you mean that the dosage is so high that you’d run through an Rx of it too quickly to be worth buying it, or what?
BTW, I love brevity. :slight_smile:

side effects - brain fog, just didn’t feel right (hard to describe it but it went away when I switched back to lantus). higher fasting bg #s and less bg stability throughout the day. was taking a dose higher (i.e., more than a few extra units) than i’m comfortable with just to achieve a decent fasting bg#

I read somewhere that Lantus is going off patent next year, I am concerned the push to toujeo is related to this.

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I think you hit the nail on the head, Sheepdogs, as both Lantus and Toujeo are Sanofi (Aventis) products. The almighty freaking dollar…


Hope the generic will work as well as brand-name Lantus does for me

I am on Toujeo now and am having the same issues. With Lantus I was very stable and under control with Toujeo I am taking 12 extra units and running Extremely high! No insurance so can’t afford lantus, ugh so frustrating. I have been on Toujeo for 6 days now.

I’m sorry that you are going through similar issues. I went back to lantus and have not looked back. My endocrinologist was not happy, but I think she was getting perks from the drug company. She didn’t care what I went through. I don’t care what she thinks any more. I want a doctor who wants to help me, not cash in on my illness.

did u look @ tresiba?

You said no insurance… cant afford Lantus… Is Toujeo cheaper?

Yes much I am able to get Toujeo for 15.00 where Lantus is 380.00. There is a rebate that gives me a much better rate for Toujeo vs Lantus.

I haven’t heard of Tresiba.

That is my plan as soon as my husband finds a job this is a temporary fix, that isn’t working. Now they are talking about adding Tanzeum which I am super nervous about. :frowning: I already have stomach issues.

Tresiba seems to have more stable flat profile … Lots of good reviews here

If you are doing ok on Lantus… You will do best in Tresiba…

Tresiba seems to have similar savings card… but upto 24 months :slightly_smiling: