My eyes

I have been going to an MD for my eye exams for years and the same dude for as long as I can remember.

I have also been going to For Eyes for contact fittings and glass fittings, but I don’t have them dilate, because they saw a funky thing in my left eye one time and when I went back to my MD dude he did the dilation again and said, yep you do, but it has always been there, so phew.

I decided to keep going to For Eyes, but no dilation and of course they stated I needed that and I would tell them I would being going to my MD dude, which now went as long as 4 years with no dilation, time flies.

Well today was the day and MD dude is still amazed at how healthy my eyes are for my 41 years of diabetes. He kept congratulating me and said I am doing an excellent job (I needed that boost). The history paper asked how many times I test and I put down 8-10 times, he said see that pays off and he said the pump is good right. I told him it all sucks but yes the pump is better, but it is not a cure, he said, he did not think he could do any of it. Then I told him to hurry up as I was feeling low, he said you have something, want some juice. :wink: I said I will deal with it in a few.

I am glad I went, I am glad for the encouragement, and glad he is my eye MD. :slight_smile:
Beautiful day but my vision is a blur with these huge pupils;) Oooo and bgs was 67, so I was glad I was done, but just proved my point that pump is good, but it does not prevent highs or lows.

Congratulations Karen!

Thanks for sharing!!! Congrat’s on the perfect eye exam. I am starting to like my pump again…lol I actually think it’s more of the bg’s I hate than the POD.
I try to get my eye exam once a year but I have been slacking the past 2 yrs. I have a Eye Dr appointment on the 24 of this month.