Anyone else out there?

I’m not sure if this is just in my head or not, but since I started pumping last month, my vision keeps getting blurry. It’s not associated with a low or anything, but it just gets really hazy where it makes it hard to see clearly. I already wear contacts and will call my eye doc, but anyone else with this please tell me I’m not crazy?!?


Being crazy myself, I’m probably the wrong one to ask about that… but as far as your vision goes, as your control increases the effects of high sugars will decrease on your eyes.

It is entirely possible that your vision was corrected taking that “into account” as it were. High sugars can alter the shape and pressures inside your eyes, so it is entirely possible that getting your control better will cause your eyes to return to a more “normal” shape. My prescription changed this year (I started pumping about a year ago) after being almost steady for several years.

No, you are certainly not crazy. I started pumping in July and it doesn’t happen all the time but I have noticed that it seems like my eyes are constantly adjusting. Like when you first wake up or come inside on a bright day. My control has never been good and I am in the process of tightening it. I read somewhere that when control gets better your vision gets blurred as a result of your eyes being used to the highs. I just had a dilated eye exam and my eyes look “great” according to the doc so I am hoping the blurriness goes away as I get better with my control. Hope it helps you feel less crazy…

My eye doctor had told me that anyone who is starting on an insulin pump should have their eyes checked about a month to two months after starting as he and many of his colleagues have seen diabetic eye problems occur shortly after starting on the pump. This was the first time I had ever heard of this and he said it was documented in the medical journals. He said that it is unknown what causes this, I am guessing what others have said here, that it is due to gaining better control in a short period of time. This is a concern of mine as I am about to start on the pump, but knowledge IS power. I will be scheduling my appointment for one month very shortly.

Okay, sweet, at least I am not the only one out there with this… I will call and make an appointment for sure… My last appointment was in July and everything did look good… thanks again!

My eyes have always gone blurry at times - my whole life, especially at night. I think the shape of your eyes can change with hydration, blood sugar, amount of light, fatigue, etc. I personally don’t worry about it. I get an eye check-up every year and my dr says I have no signs of retinopathy. Your situation might be different but it also might be nothing to worry about.


Did you ever find any references for this? My eyes “looked perfect” according to my opthamologist, until recently. After my mom died, a couple of years ago, and my A1c’s were in the high eights most of the time. In April, I tightened my control back down to the sixes. In July I got ischemic optic neuropathy, so I lost partial vision in one eye. In November I was told I have nonprolific diabetic retinopathy. Perhaps it is coincidence, I don’t know.

Any references to this would be appreciated. I will also ask my opthamologist if she knows about it. Thanks.

Actually the last I was into my eye specialist I described exactly that. And you know what he said? That it was a sign of dry eyes! (And this was about half a year into having the pump).

I second Scott’s answer. I know my prescription changes greatly when I have good control vs when I have bad control. I’m not saying a “one time” oops moment of 300, but more of when my A1c is changing drastically- like from 7% to 9% over a period of 3-6 months.