My fasting labs, to high?

i had fasting labs done this week and my glucose fasting was 9.5. i was told that is o.k and to be expected…my a1c is 7.4, down from 8.3 last month and i am happy with that. but i don’t know how do i get my glucose fasting number down or is that o.k?

Good work on getting your A1C down that much in just a month…good work! As for your question, yes, a fasting of 9.5 (171) is definitely too high. You want your fasting to be below 120, below 100 would be even better. You are a type 2, are you on meds? If not, you need to be, if yes, then you need a change or an increase. Have you met with the doc after your lab results? What does he suggest?

my fasting labs don’t match up with my at home testing. My numbers have been 5-6’s . The labs are always higher and I don’t get it because I get up and within 20min they are drawing blood and this is what I get. I can be at home and do the same testing and get normal results…maybe it is my meter? I did get insulin added just before christmas to get my fasting s down and it worked…at home. I am on meds, (2.5mg glyburide in am and 2.5 @ supper, 3 units insulin @ bedtime) My Dr. says that the high fasting is o.k and to be expected, he didn’t suggest anything to get lowered. So apparently there’s nothing i can do? i didn’t get chance to ask him why. I started new dr. and it will take while to get used to each other.

Congrats on getting A1C down , hb .
It can very well be your meter, that is out …ask the Doctor, to add to the lab report for the Lab to do a random test and while you are in the chair , you take a meter test and give the result to the technician for her to record .
The difference between Lab random test and your finger poke should not be more than 20 percent …if more get another meter.
I always carry 2 meters for this reason .
Testing at 3 am may tell you a lot , if the 3 u @bed time is enough .
Be well .

Ok, I’m confused. So the 9.5 fasting was only in the lab and your fastings at home are always 5’s and 6’s? So what you need to do first, is just what Nel suggested and find out if the meter is accurate and if that high number was a fluke. But you say it’s happened before?

Ok, so let’s assume the lab is correct. I stand by what I said, 171 is too high for a fasting! I would never accept a doctor saying “high fasting is ok and to be expected”. I would push him to ask what you can do to get it down and if he isn’t helpful, switch doctors. It isn’t true that there is nothing you can do. If you are taking basal insulin at bedtime, then you need to raise it. If 3 units is giving you 9.5 in the morning, then try 4. Stick with each one unit increase for at least 3 days before you consider going up another unit. But yes, first you need to make sure you have an accurate meter.

A lot of D’s suffer from DP in the morning. I know if I don’t eat right away my bgs will start to climb. My lab doesn’t open until 8 am so it is usally at least 90 minutes after I take my fasting. It is usually higher. But I agree 171 is not to be expected. It is thought anything over 140 may cause complications. 7.4 is an average of 166, so that number is probably right. What are your after meal numbers?

First what is DP? The hospital is only 13min away,and I try to be first one in line so I don’t have to wait. I am always very hungry when I wake. I plan it so I get up brush teeth and am out the door and in the chair within 20 min of waking. Works pretty well, so far. My 2 hr. after supper numbers range from 8-13(144-234). Depending on what I eat, it will go higher. I have been as high as in the 20’s with pizza and pasta’s. So I don’t eat them very much. Days I work, I will be be around the 7-8(126-144) mark. Would brushing the teeth before I go make it higher? I never brush before I test at home…I don’t swallow the toothpaste either…
DP short for dawn phenomenon …I think the link is a trustworthy explanation

It sounds like you are ready to begin a bolus (mealtime) insulin as well. I agree with Jeannie that studies show being consistently over 140 can lead to complications. If your after supper numbers range from 144-234 or higher you need to take insulin to cover the carbs you are eating.

No, brushing your teeth won’t affect blood sugar.

We talked about bolus insulin a couple months ago. My Dr. said that might be to hard with the jobs i do and dangerous if I’m at other peoples houses alone or with little kids. Would a cgm (?) pick up the highs and lows and help me know if my meter is accurate and be a better way to see what my fastings are? We thought about that to.
My next set of lab work is at the end of June, so I will wait till then to test my meter I guess.O r is this something that needs to be done…NOW? Thanks for help.