My Fav's

These are some of the thousands of pictures I have taken. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcome!
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and more!!
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yup and more!
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I was going to look at some more of your photo’s so I Googled your names, both Karen Holmes and karebear1966 and never really came up with a photo site or website of yours. Do you have a website where some of your photography can be viewed?



Great work!! Stunning sunsets. Were these taken near your home?

Some were near my home… some were in arizona…thanks for the compliment!

LOL Hi Ken… no I havent shared these with anyone until recently… I have some of these on my facebook.
I have had a few requests for calendars and such so I am looking into it. I have thousands of beautiful pictures… I should not be so selfish and share them with other I guess! hehe

Very nice work.

Gotta love sunsets.

I have some nice ones taken from my front porch as well.

Thanks! I always have my camera with me… thats why I have so many cool pics! The one of the bald eagle flying… I saw on my way up north…Fort st john BC. I noticed it above a lake from the side of the road… I pulled over and grabbed my tripod and camera and started shooting… there was some people in a car driving behind me and they saw me so they pulled over and asked me how the heck I saw him while I was driving!!!
Its just something I do… I always look at the scenery while I travel… and I guess I notice things that most people dont. Some of my best pictures are from my trips driving to visit friends and family. ( and they wonder why I am always late! lol)

Ken… let me know what kinds of pictures interest you and i will post them… like I said… I have thousands… Classic cars…animals… mountains… waterfalls, flowers… rodeo… you name it… I likely have it

Your gorgeous pics karebear: a great commercial for our beautiful Province British Columbia !! Thanks .
Lots of room for tourists …let them come :slight_smile:

Yes Nel…MOST were taken here in Beautiful British Columbia… Some in mazatlan and a few in arizona… I would love to travel more and get some great shots all over the world!

Could you post some rodeo for me??? Please please please???

You’re most welcome! You did a great job and deserve the accolades!