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Here are a few shots I've recently taken that I Like. I mainly shoot nature. Being in the Bay Area of N. California gives me LOTS of subjects to shoot... I hope you like some of them.

[2303-lizard.jpg|attachment](upload://zW6xAXfzBXb9IUv1Ncl3MgWmF67.jpeg) (586 KB) [2304-a087.jpg|attachment](upload://6sGLwmCx39WtXCxpT4z6LHpFSZ6.jpeg) (431 KB) [2305-greatheron.jpg|attachment](upload://ju18jsY0Uuug9EImKhzTCfjALwM.jpeg) (211 KB)

One of the better in-flight shots I’ve gotten. This is a red-tailed hawk that I had stalked for about 20 minutes.

Love the shot of the bird. Great timing on that

Thanks Robert, The Heron or the Hawk?

Both. the best that I have is a male Candidan Goose coming at me protecting the nest

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