My Fingers are so sore! =(

My fingers are so sore!!! I am testing so often that when I touch any surface they hurt so much. Anyone have any ideas. I switch everytime I test but it is just not working. Any ideas on how to prevent???


Can you do alternate site testing with your meter? That’s an option for you. I’ve never tried it but a lot of meter’s have the option. I hope your fingers get well soon.


I throw this suggestion out there–for most peeps it does not matter–but my fingers only got sore when I did not use a new lancet everytime (I now use the renew lancets that will only let you have one use of each lancets–20 to a cartridge–and my insurance covered them!) many people rarely change their lancets–for me it makes a HUGE difference. Just a thought

Are you testing on your finger tips? If so, try the sides and the tops (if you are brave). Also, I reuse my lancets but start a new one each morning. Also I wash my hands before I test.

Sure hope your fingers stop smarting so much!

I agree with Denise. I find that new lancets don’t hurt as much. I also use the sides of my fingers. I have even developed little callus like things on the places where I test the most. Good luck.

I tried the alternate sites for years, until I realized they aren’t as accurate as the fingers. Reluctantly, I have returned to the fingers. The upside is that my forearms aren’t covered with tiny scabs. That looked a lot worse than the sides of my fingers do now.

hi, Claudia, get yourself an Accu-chek Multiclix device as soon as possible. We’ve had many discussions here about lancets and devices, and it always comes in first for comfort. It also uses a drum for the lancets, so you never see or touch a sharp. This makes disposal easy, just throw them in any trashcan. I test at least 10 times a day, and never use my thumbs or index fingers, and you can hardly even see anything on my fingers. and, yes, use the sides of your fingers, not the middle. Hope this helps.

In the meantime, also there is a product called “Bag Balm”, it’s an ointment that comes in a cute green square tin. Use that on your sore fingers. It was originally developed for cow’s udders that got sore from milking. You can get it at Harmon’s Supply and many drug stores. Lots of quilters use it when their fingers get sore.

I second the multiclix! I switched and will not switch back. When I’m not using my CGM I can test up to 14 times a day. The multiclix has made life so much easier

I dont know how long you have been testing but When I first started to test my fingers hurt and would look terrible like I had little black heads I guess would be the best way to describe it.Now I test a lot at least 10 to 15 times a day and they do not hurt any more and I dont notice those gross little black spots any more.I think maby you just get used to it.I dont know if you will be the same as me but hopefully after time it will quit hurting.

Claudia (love your name!) The obvious…change the lancets a bit more often, alternate the site on each finger, (there’s a lot of sites on each) and make sure the device is set to the lowest level of tension. With a sharp stick and light tension, it shouldn’t hurt so much…sorry it does for you.

Claudia, You don’t say what meter you are using and what level you have the tension set to, but when I started this I read that to set it at the lowest and see if it allows you to get a sample, you don’t need to go higher. So if you are above 2, assuming your lancet holder has choices, turn it down. I use the side of my fingers and change the lancet every 3 days or so and usually it doesn’t bother me after the initial prick.


I don’t personally use it, but I have heard lots of very positive feedback about the Accu-chek Multiclix.

I third the multiclix! I was using the accucheck Soft clix and since I have switched to the Accu Check Multiclix I don’t even feel the stick! It is amazing how much a difference it has made!

you can also call the renew lancing folks and get a free sample of their lancer–holds 20 lancets that auto advance–can toss in the garbage when done and you never tough the sharps—and I was extremely surpised that my insurance covered–and actually prefers :slight_smile:


There’s not much more to add to this. Multiclix is GREAT!!! I sosmetimes have to check to see if I really did stick myself!!

I went to alternate site testing just briefly only to discover that alternate sites read 30-40 points higher. Contacted a professional and they agreed that the alternate sites are higher and also the fingers are the best source and most accurate, although I cannot recall why!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Have you ever heard of the Pelikan sun? Here in Australia it is available, $300 and lancets cost $30 for 100 tests, but my 10 year old son loves it…worth every cent…cant feel it. Its an electronic lancet, not spring loaded like all the rest. testing depth is controlled in 0.1mm increments…tiny and painless.

How does it compare to the Breeze 2? I’m pretty happy with that one compared to my prehistoric Accu Check, where you had to dab a drop of blood on the strip, what a pain! I was also wondering something else. I hope it’s o.k. to ask on this blog. When I went to the ER in Dec. the attendant first squeezed some blood out, then squeezed some more to test. He also kept adding it after the thing started counting. He said if you don’t do it that way you get a false reading. Does anyone else do that?

Thanks for all the great tips. I started using a new lancet every time I test and it seems to be working.