A Year and a Half in

And my 18 month A1C was a freaking 6 down from an original dx of 15.4!!! I couldn't believe it. Even my MD's were amazed at how quickly I've taken and owned my T1D. I've still got work to do as I would like to get and live around 5. I've had to totally rethink my view of Diabetes. When I was first DX'd I didn't know what to think and once I told those closest to me I could see them thinking "how much longer do you have to live" look. I didn't understand and couldn't comprehend why me. The last 18 months have truly been no different than if my pancreas was working like it does for everyone else. Ok, other then the finger sticking and my neverending supply of needles, I'm still me!

I'M STILL ME!!!!! And living life like I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

...Thanks "TuDiabetes Family"

Can't think of any better words than "I'm still me!" Good work!

Wow! What a difference 18 months makes. That is amazing how you have successfully brought your A1c down that much in such a short time. Good job! I'm glad that you are still you otherwise you'd be someone else, like Waldo. :D

Nice job! Keep up the good work, sounds like you have a good handle on it already.

Doing the happy dance for you. What a huge accomplishment!

awesome so happy u got them numbers downs congrats

congrats; wonderful job.The change of your perspective on type One diabetes really aided you.

God bless,

Whoo-hoo! That is great! And I love the "I'm still me" sentiment.

Right on my T1 Brotha!

That is a great story, I am so glad you are STILL YOU. I think way to many diabetics live to be diabetic then live "with" diabetes if you know what I mean.

Congrats type 1 Brotha. Your story is truly inspirational. I was diagnosed with an a1c pretty close to yours. 6 months later I got it down to 5.4

My life hasn't changed much either besides making insulin my best friend and eating healthier. Congrats again on your achievement, it's nice to see others living a good life with D cause it definitely shouldn't stop us