My first day as a TuDiabetes volunteer

So, it’s official, yesterday it was my first day as a TuDiabetes volunteer and what a day it was!

Following Manny’s leadership I took on my first assignment: create the official TuDiabetes page in MySpace. I gotta admit that the product isn’t very friendly at all. Matter of fact, it’s hard to believe that it’s so popular because nothing is easy to do. But, hey, after of long hours fighting with the platform and dealing with the moody servers of MySpace the page was born.

The direct address is

If you are already a member of Myspace, please stop by and add us to your friends. More importantly, direct your friends to our page.

This is a crusade, we have almost 400 members so far. We are a few million short before we can connect all people touched by diabetes in the world. But hey, no one said it was going to be easy! :wink:

On a more personal note, I had “cachapas” this morning. A venezuelan treat!


I use myspace I’ll add tudiabetes as a friend. very cool.

“cachapas”? hmmm, never heard of them. I’m not venezuelan, I’m mexican.

Thank you!..oh yeah, cachapas…you can think of them as pankakes but corn-made. You put some salty white cheese and ham in the inside, close it as a Calzonne. can’t beat it :slight_smile:

Yeah! We are on MySpace now. I’ll be sure to add us!