TuDiabetes.com received today its 400th member. We have been growing about 10% every week for the past month.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us throughout the process, inviting other people, linking to the site, etc.

Seeing you guys connect with each other and support each other, welcoming new people as if you knew each other for the longest time… makes this endeavor worth every second spent on it.

GRACIAS!! (i.e. Thank you!) :smiley:

TuDiabetes.com recibio hoy su miembro #400. Hemos estado creciendo a razon de 10% semanal en las ultimas semanas.

Gracias a todos los que nos han apoyado atraves del proceso, invitando otras personas, poniendo links hacia la comunidad, etc.

Verlos conectar los unos con los otros, apoyarse mutuamente, darse la bienvenida como si se conocieran de toda la vida… hace que este proyecto valga cada minuto que invertimos en el.



Congratulations Manny! I’m so excited!!


Woooo hooooo!!!


Just a heart-felt thank you Manny for all your hard work on this web site - and for your vision of it. It’s really been a life line for this mom of a newly diagnosed adult son. {{hugs}} {{teardrop}}


Thanks!! See? All the work is totally worth it! :smiley:


Vamos! Hasta los 1000 no paramos!


500 and still going strong. I was new member #502. It looks like this is a great place and I am looking forward to contributing as much as I can. Hopefully this will draw more attention to my Diabetes Blog as well.
Thanks again Manny