Preliminary results of MySpace and Facebook

Well, I wanted to thank everyone that added us to their friends in MySpace.

In just a week we have 55 friends in MySpace!

Yesterday I started the Facebook group for TuDiabetes and we have accumulated 16 members in 24 hours. Not bad really!

I’m very impressed with Facebook. It’s a much more friendly, developed and overall cooler application than MySpace. I think is a matter of time before they have a bigger audience. But I digress!

Please continue to tell your friends in both networks to visit us and more importantly to join

have a great weekend!


Facebook has been around since 2004. I have been a member since 2005. It was initially just for college students (that’s when I joined), followed by high school students. They just opened it up to the public in the last year so that’s why a lot of people (ahem, older folks) are just discovering it. It actually has a huge amount of members, especially in the 18-25 demographic. However, because it has been closed off, it’s overall numbers and overall hits with the 25-40 demographic is lacking compared to MySpace.

Thank you Allison for your comment. Yeah, I’m one of those “old folks” :slight_smile: Although I was always aware of Facebook, I actually just joined recently, and I love it!

BTW, did you add our Tu Diabetes Videos Application?