My first day/night with the Dexcom!

Boy oh boy do I absolutely love this thing! It is my new best friend! I did the one on one meeting with a Dexcom rep and the meeting didnt last 2 hours as I knew a lot of the stuff already and she was pleased to know I knew a lot before hand (thanks to you guys!). I was so excited about getting started. I did hesitate to insert the sensor as I was very nervous about it! But it was absolutely painless and I do mean just that. I was like “oh, that wasn’t bad. much better than my finger sticks and insulin needle”. I finished up and was ready to go,

I didnt charge the receiver right so once I got back to my boyfriend's house, I charged it up and waited for my 2 calibrations start ups. I did that and was ready to go! I was so surprised how accurate it was. It wasn't off by much with my fingersticks. I've only had it beep at me for being over 200 once. Most of the time I was on target. It beeped at me last night when i was below 80. Yes, I kept the default settings as it is what suits me.

My first night with it, I was worried about my tossing and turning but it worked out fine! I love looking at the graph and seeing what does happen. I did lost a tiny bit of data as I think I was over the 5 feet limit. I can't wait to download the information later this week so I an look at the trends, etc. I am hoping that bringing this information I can get my pump sooner than later. I rather get it now while I still have the part time job. I even already scheduled my 2 follow ups.

For those who are not on the Dex, go get it! It is awesome!

congratulations on getting going! I have to say, it gets better with time as you get so much information to leverage for adjusting settings and creating new basal maps for different sports (based on having a pump of course). FYI, I consistently get two weeks per sensor…I’m not a doctor so take it for what it’s worth, but once you get a good one started it’s awesome to get consistent readings. :slight_smile: My favorite spot is my rear since the sensor hides under my swim suit while I swim and I have less adhesion issues. Good luck!

Right now its on my stomach. I do a bit of modeling for a friend of mine who is starting her photography business so I may have to be creative in hiding it. I am really hoping this will convince my dr to get me on the pump. I’m discovering that the tropicana 50% less sugar OJ gives double arrows pointing up! So I may have to drink less and add more food to equal the number of carbs.

that is one of the best things about the CGM is that you can definitely see the actual impact of different foods. One of the initial changes I made was to my coffee - I went from the natural sugar sweetner/soy to chocolate soy. Just that little change, with little difference in taste, was amazing to control the double arrow spike for me! Plus, who doesn’t like chocolate, right? :slight_smile:

as for hiding stuff - under the shorts works for Dex, but a pump is a little different. I have a Omnipod and love it, but it’s quite visible. Good luck

I now discovered what Chocolate milk does! I am just loving this thing. I really am. I know I can hide the CGM with my arms. As far as the pump once I am on it, I may find out how long can I be disconnected and go from there.

Choc milk is also a great recovery drink after a long run, bike, swim or whatever. Bonus! :slight_smile:

I love being able to see what different foods do to me. I love chicken and broccoli with fried rice and discovered that it absorbs extremely slowly. I need to take my bolus over about 3 hours; otherwise I crash. Then I have to treat the low, and when the meal gets fully absorbed I am high. Fortunately I have the OmniPod pump, so I can extend my bolus over three hours. Without a pump, I would probably have to give myself two or three shots spaced out over the three hours.

I am glad you are getting reliable data. Mine is a little flakier, especially when I change sensors. I changed sensors last night and started the new one just before going to bed (yes, I know that is the wrong time to change sensors) and overnight my readings were all over the place. Because I know they are unreliable after I change sensors, I don’t freak out.

I change sensor Monday or Tuesday. The receiver will tell me :). But excited what I’m discovering so far.

Hope things are still going well! I started in September and I have fallen madly in love with Larry (my dex)! It is awesome to know exactly what happens with alcohol, different foods, stress, bodily cycles, etc. I have found that I have to be consistent on bolusing about 30mins before meals (which I had never actually done since I was doing shots!). I had my bloodwork done this morning, so I’m hoping for a lower A1C.

I haven’t named mine yet but I am in love with it. I just feel so much better now as to why I may go high or low.


disconecting is no big deal! what ever you do unless you want to risk your life don’t get the pod It has nearly killed me 23 times. (Near DKA in 3 years. In a nutshell I have been through 36 PDM’s (the remote to the pod.) the pods fails constantly. they are so painful. they are huge~!

I am currently deciding over minimed and animas - both are great pumps however. minimed has an all in one system ~ a CGM and a pump I highly reccamend it. however since you have the dexcom you may want to look into the animas. the animas ping communicates wirelessly with a meter remote. the pump still has tubing anyway hope you find what works for you. but remember I am only an omnipod user currently I am 16- I am not a doctor the pod info came from expierience.

note: i did not do anything to break PDM’s they just failed naturally.

I finally named my dex Casanova as I am just in love with it! I cant imagine my life without it now

I have no interest in the Omnipod. I see my dr on the 22nd and want to push for the pump. If i’m in love with my CGM I am sure I’ll be in love with the pump. I am just hoping that the printouts from the CGM will convince him to get me started on the pump.

Before Dexcom, I never took two BG readings within a minute of each other. But when I put the new sensor, Dexcom requires two readings, and I was so surprised to see a difference of 35 points in the two readings, just one minute apart.

I am happy to hear success stories. I just started the dexcom a few days ago and it has been really off from my meter readings; I have been up several times each night. I normally don’t get too many highs or lows but seem to be getting a much higher number since i got the cgm. Morever, my bg seems to be rising many hours after eating… it’s been really unusual ! I hope I can figure this out soon!

i love my ping :slight_smile:

I hope I get this feeling soon. 4 days into using the dex and I am not loving it…