My first ever blog - Filmaking, Campaigning and Living

Hello everyone. Okay, this is my first ever blog, so bear with me.

as all of you shoul know by now, I am in the process of writing a film which will be filmed Summer 2009 about a group of people with type one diabetes. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. I will be including some of them in my film.

I am currently writing the script with 2 other people - my boyfriend and a good mate of mine at University. We hope to have the script completed (Including redrafting several times) by Sept this year. My English tutor, who is an experienced script writer, has agreed to look over it.

Also, in the little spare time I have, I have joined a campaign to get the pump on HS in the UK, as it is currently a postcode lottery if you can get it or not, and most people havne’t even heard of it. But while doing my research I have found that there seems to be a lot of inconsistances with health care frm country to country as well as from town to town.

I feel we should all be entitled to effective care, no matter where we are from. So when I have finished the film I will be looking into how I can help others with diabetes get effective care.

Meanwhile, I am myself trying to deal with being type one. I have been on a course about diabetes - it is likeDAFNE, but called SAILING - Self Adjusted Insulin, Learning IN Groups. Fom this I have learnt a lot, and feel I am now ready to once again live my life. I think these courses are a good idea for anyone strugging to accept or understand their diabetes.

And just as a subnote - I think this site is amazng and has done so much for a lot of us, epecially me. Thank you everyone. I will be putting a special thank you credit to this site in my film.

great first blog! you’re doing great!

Hi Rebekah! I’m from the UK too. I’ve been diabetic for almost 2 years and a half. Which campain did you join to? sometimes I really think I’d love to try the pump. i mean, i don’t mind shots, but I’d love to have a CGMS and just see whenever I want what is my glycaemia.That’s my e mail adress, if you wan we can exchange e mail!
Hope to hear from you soon!
i forgot to tell you that I’m italian, but moved here a year ago. Ale